What are the features of professional meat slicers?

When you have to slice large quantities of products with great precision, when you need to cut meat, vegetables, bread, fish, precooked foods quickly, the choice can only fall on professional meat slicers. But what models exist and what features do they have?

Professional slicer: the most resistant models in the market

At the supermarket, at the butcher's, at the fish shop, even at the bakery next door, everything looks very easy. This is because they use a professional slicer, designed specifically to cut meat, cold meats, bread, and even vegetables and fish. The goal is to ensure precise cuts, reduce product waste to a minimum, and make the operator’s movements easier. Find out Manconi’s models for perfect cuts.

How to maintain and use a meat slicer

A meat slicer needs special attention so that it can last over time and always guarantee maximum food hygiene. Are you sure you carry out all maintenance operations correctly?

Italian slicer machines since 1958: the Manconi tradition

It was 1958 when a group of experienced artisans founded Manconi. Mission: to produce Italian slicer machines for professional use that blended innovative solutions and high performances. After more than sixty years, our slicer machines are sold and exported all over Italy and abroad. Discover our models.

Three Manconi slicers for meat

Chicken breast, liver, rump and other types of bone-free meat need to be cut with a slicer for meat that allows cutting precision and minimizes operator fatigue. Whether it's fresh, semi-frozen or frozen, at Manconi you will find the slicer for meat that's right for you.

How to choose a good deli slicer

A deli slicer must have features that make it suitable for discontinuous work that involves many different tasks, it must occupy little space and guarantee maximum operator safety.

An overview of Manconi's meat slicers

The best meat slicers are individual machines that are capable of slicing a wide range of foods, are able to perform their tasks perfectly, and are built to meet the cutting requirements of specific jobs.

Slicer machine: tips for small and large retailers

Manconi slicers are compact and reliable machines that offer maximum cutting precision. Manconi manufactures professional slicers that are safe, quiet, convenient, and easy to clean, and distributes them through both small and large retailers.