Raw Ham Slicers

Manconi raw ham slicers guarantee firm grip, reliable slicing results, reduced effort for the operator and eliminate the problem of wasted product.

Manconi developed a series of raw ham slicer machines to slice the whole boneless ham with smooth and uniform results. These products require specific machines to be sliced properly: in particular whole ham, which is heavier and bigger than boneless ham, needs a wider workspace and a slicer able to reduce the efforts of the operator while pushing the carriage.




Raw ham slicers are designed to ensure a reliable grip of cold meat, with a wider plate and a loading height that facilitate the operator’s movements. As a result, ham is sliced with the utmost precision, in intact and not partial slices, without any deviation of the sliced product.


The Features of Raw Ham Slicers

To ensure professional results, Manconi has developed its own range of raw ham slicer machines with a series of features and equipment specifically designed for slicing boneless ham. Enhanced and improved over the years, these qualities sum up all the knowledge and experience of the company in providing efficient solutions to stores, supermarkets and businesses in the food sector.

  • Strong grip: when dealing with big size products, a slicer has to provide a stronger grip to keep them into place during slicing operations. Manconi raw ham slicers are equipped with a state-of-the-art mechanism for product locking that prevents any swinging.
  • Wider plate with pins: the need for wider plates is linked again to the size of raw and boneless ham. The pins help to keep the pieces into place while slicing.
  • Finest materials: our raw ham slicer machines are realized with a special stainless steel alloy that boasts excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, even after exposure to the salty surface of ham.
  • Removable components: Manconi slicers are designed with many removable components that can be conveniently washed apart, so you can easily disassemble the machine for cleaning operations. With frequent cleaning, you can keep a high standard of hygiene and prolong the life of the slicer itself.
  • Compact size: the entire line of raw ham slicers is provided with vertical blade, a solution that helps to reduce the space occupied by the machines. Despite being able to slice even big pieces of ham, the slicers are compact and can easily fit small spaces.

All raw ham slicers by Manconi are certified in compliance with the current European regulations, are safe and reliable to use and, thanks to their pleasant design, can enhance the aesthetic value of any workplace.


Customize Your Raw Ham Slicer

Manconi slicers can be customized to better fit the customers’ needs. We provide two different possibilities:

  1. You can customize your slicer by choosing a color for the knobs and the other plastic components of the machine. This is the easiest and most convenient way to add a touch of color to your raw ham slicer.
  2. You can order a painted slicer. A painted slicer is a machine whose metallic elements have been coated with a layer of corrosion and moist-resistant glossy paint. Painted raw ham slicers are getting more and more popular among professionals in the food sector, as they represent a valuable furniture element with great visual impact on the clients.



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