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Are you interested in a commercial bacon slicer that is capable of delivering thin and uniform cuts? Choose Manconi for impeccable results. 


The Ho.Re.Ca. sector needs the right tools to enhance productivity and quality. For this reason, a commercial bacon slicer is essential for restaurants, deli stores, and any culinary setting looking for perfection in every cut.

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The Best Manconi Commercial Bacon Slicers 

Manconi offers a range of top-tier slicers designed to slice bacon efficiently and accurately. Thanks to three different lines, we can respond promptly to the evolving demands of the market.

The Kolossal Line 

Well renowned for the seamless integration of advanced technology in a sturdy structure, the solutions of this series are the epitome of the best Made in Italy traditions. If you are looking for a commercial bacon slicer that can handle even high product volumes, you can rely on Kolossal models. 

commercial-bacon-slicer-300-vk-bvThe 300 VK BV commercial slicer is perfect for cutting bacon, raw ham, and deli products. It has been engineered to withstand heavy-duty use. The locking mechanism guarantees a perfect grip for a safer and more fluent cutting movement.



commercial-bacon-slicer-300-ikA commercial bacon slicer machine that differs in the inclination of the blade is the 300 IK. This model is suitable for cutting deli products like bacon, cheese, and cooked food. It is characterized by a compact structure that can easily fit even in the narrowest space. The 300 IK is the perfect choice for those activities that require swift operation and frequent changes


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The Kolossal Dual Line 

The robust structure of the Kolossal models, acurvy and modern design, and reliability in every working context are the features of the Kolossal Dual series


commercial-bacon-slicer-350-vk-bv-dualThe 350 VK BV Dual is the best machine for the high demands of the industrial sector. A 350-millimeter blade and enhanced motor capabilities allow fast operations with impeccable precision. Every detail has been specifically designed to facilitate the use of this commercial bacon slicer, ensuring smooth disassembling and perfect cleaning


commercial-meat-slicer-370-vk-bv-dualThe 370 VK BV Dual is the pinnacle of heavy-duty slicing. With a larger, teflon-coated blade, it is suitable for cutting deli products (such as bacon) and raw ham. This commercial slicer has ultra-smooth, polished aluminum surfaces to reduce friction and simplify cleaning. Moreover, it is FCM-certified, meaning it is suitable for direct food contact.

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The Smarty Line

Versatile, easy to use, compact, and aesthetically appealing, the Smarty Series has been created for professionals who think about slicers as much more than simple cutting machines. 


commercial-bacon-slicer-300-ixThe 300 IX model combines design and innovative features for better results. Equipped with a last-slice device and new, stronger, and spot-resistant materials, this commercial slicer is the best solution for cutting bacon, deli products, cheese, and cooked food, even in demanding contexts with limited space

commercial-bacon-slicer-350-vx-bvThe 350 VX BV commercial slicer is ideal for cutting bacon, deli, roast beef, ham, and sausages with different sizes and textures. The 350-millimeter 100Cr6 standard blade cuts rapidly and accurately to enable operators to save time. The plate is removable and the lower loading height enhances the efficiency of the machine.


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Our Models’ Unique Features

Our commercial bacon slicers display distinctive features that set them apart in the food industry. They are professional-grade models that not only meet the highest quality and hygienic standards but have taken bacon cutting to the next level in terms of efficiency:

  • Accuracy: Manconi’s machines are made to deliver uniform slices and adapt their thickness to the needs of the final consumer. The innovative materials used, the different diameters of the blade, and the transmission type are some of the aspects that made our slicers the best models on the market related to cutting consistency.
  • Sturdiness: top-tier materials and innovation go hand in hand when it comes to Manconi. Embrace the cleanliness of 100Cr6 steel, ultra-smooth and polished aluminum, and elevate your slicing experience throughout the entire lifespan of your commercial slicer. 
  • Safety: Manconi means prioritizing the operator’s wealth. This is why all our models are compliant with the current regulations in terms of slicing security and hygienic standards. Our commercial bacon slicers present locking and shut-off systems that help effectively prevent accidents during use. 
  • Easy maintenance: hygiene is paramount in food preparation. Our slicers are FCM-certified and they are engineered to remove various components, reducing food waste and guaranteeing effective cleaning. 
  • Customization: at Manconi, we value the demands of each client. For this reason, we offer additional customization features, such as variable color choices and blade types, allowing businesses to tailor their equipment to their needs.


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