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Are you looking for an industrial meat slicer or a supply of more machines? For sixty years Manconi has been producing industrial slicers of the utmost quality, designed to last long with constant performances, reduced maintenance interventions, and impeccable results. Discover here what we can offer you.


An industrial meat slicer is a highly professional machine, designed to be resistant to working rhythms with constant and efficient performances. Manconi produces many different kinds of industrial meat slicers with one goal: being able to guarantee to our guests the best possible performance. In this page we will see:



Manconi industrial meat slicer models

To meet various needs, we manufacture the most resistant professional slicers, each one with its own strength points. The three series are the SMARTY line, which includes versatile and cheaper industrial meat slicers of small dimensions, suitable for small stores; the historical KOLOSSAL line that includes absolutely professional industrial meat slicers, usually equipped with a gear box transmission mechanism; lastly, the KOLOSSAL DUAL line, which represents an evolution of the historical line and is composed of machines with a roundish design and excellent performances.


Let’s have a look to some of the top models:



SMARTY 250 IX industrial slicer: it is the entry-level of the SMARTY series, the cheapest and the most affordable model of the whole range. It is a versatile slicer suitable for industrial laboratories that deal with various kinds of food: as a matter of fact, it can cut deli, cheese, vegetables or pre-cooked food. Despite being the simplest model of our production, it is a high-quality industrial slicer, built to guarantee excellent results.


SMARTY 370 VX TC industrial meat slicer: it is one of the top models of the SMARTY series. In this case the machine is specialized in cutting fresh meat, also of big size, due to its big blade and large plate. The built-in sharpener and the removable components make maintenance and cleaning easy. The small loading height facilitates the loading and unloading of the meat.





KOLOSSAL 300 VK BV industrial meat slicer: belonging to the historical series, this vertical slicer is specialized in cutting deli, especially prosciutto. The blocking mechanism is designed to guarantee the utmost grip and stability of the product during slicing, which is enhanced by the swinging last slice device that can be adapted to the deli shape.


KOLOSSAL 330 IK industrial slicer: versatile yet fully professional, this machine is designed to slice deli, sausages, cheese, vegetables and bread. The potentiality of this slicer is increased by the available optional accessories, such as the various kinds of plates depending on the products to slice. In this case as well, the reduced loading height makes it easy to manage the products and diminishes the strain of the operator. The gear box transmission ensures excellent and constant results.



Dual Big 370 VK TC industrial meat slicer: a professional slicer to cut even big-sized fresh meat. The BIG plate has remarkable dimensions so as to hold big portions of the meat to slice. Yet, the key characteristic of this machine is the slices support device that allows it to cut very thin slices too, with impeccable results and without waste. Customers can choose the type of transmission: gearbox or belt transmission.


KOLOSSAL Dual 330 VK FA industrial meat slicer: it is the latest machine by Manconi, the result of years of innovation and experience. Available soon, it is fully automatic – but there is also the possibility of manual use –, and able to set up and memorize cutting information. Ideal for cheese, deli and meat, it can be put into the production process and work without any manual intervention, yet maintaining the highest standard of hygiene, safety and reliability.


industrial-meat-slicer-300-vk-veKOLOSSAL 300 VK VE industrial meat slicer: this machine is perfect to cut fresh meat, but also cheese, and deli products. It is FMC certified, meaning that its structure features materials that are suitable for food contact. With a sliding plate and a food fence that can be adjusted, this model gives more control to the operator who has the opportunity to produce thinner and more precise slices based on the type of product.



industrial-meat-slicer-370-ik-dualKOLOSSAL 370 IK Dual industrial meat slicer: this is a gravity feed slicer which has a tilted plate designed to cut cooked meat, deli and cheese. It features a compact structure that can fit even the narrowest places. The blade has a diameter of 370 mm and the machine has a removable sharpener, blade guard, deflector and plate for facilitating cleaning operations and ensuring the operator’s safety. 




The models introduced above are just some of the many industrial meat slicers actually available: contact us without obligation to request the catalog or for more information.


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How to choose the right industrial meat slicer 

Good industrial meat slicers have to present these features:

  • Excellent smoothness of the plate, in order to make the entire process easier and faster, without compromising the quality of slices;
  • Resistant meat press, because meat must be strongly held, in order to prevent any swinging of the product;
  • Large table-top: in order to work with big sized pieces of meat without any problem;
  • Separate sharpener, in order to allow an easier cleaning of the blade;
  • Removable components: in this way, it's easier to understand how to maintain and use a meat slicer and the cleaning operations results are more accurate. 


All the advantages of Manconi industrial meat slicers

Manconi offers a wide range of industrial meat slicers with the following features:

  • Electric functioning – in some cases it is automatic 
  • Use of hygienic and resistant stainless steel
  • Easy cleaning due to removable components
  • Specialized machines on the base of the kind of food
  • Different blade diameters for products of various dimensions
  • Compliance with European regulations

Let’s go deeper into details with an overview on some of our best models.

How to keep your industrial meat slicer machine safe and clean?

In order for your industrial meat slicer machine to last longer and keep your performance accurate, there are some best practices to follow

  • Always choose a piece of machinery made of highly hygienic materials - such as stainless steel.
  • Use cut-resistant gloves to clean it, so that you can touch the blade without risks. 
  • Make sure to clean every component of your industrial meat slicer. It is a good idea to disassemble your machine so that you can reduce food waste and clean it thoroughly. 
  • Remember to lubricate your industrial machine to cut thin, precise slices.

Manconi’s industrial meat slicer machines have removable components, different blades based on the product to cut, and they are compliant with the most stringent standards in terms of safety

How can industrial deli slicers be useful in your daily work?

When selecting the ideal industrial deli slicer for your cutting operations, it's critical to consider the type of food you'll be slicing. For these reasons, your slicer should feature:

  • superior smooth surfaces that will enhance your speed while working;
  • a robust meat press where food will not drift during slicing;
  • different blades for cutting different products perfectly;
  • parts which are easy to disassemble in order to reduce waste and facilitate maintenance operations, making them more precise.

It is very important to choose the best professional meat slicer, because working with food means being completely sure that the tools chosen are perfect in terms of hygienesafety and efficiency.


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