Slicers for food stores

Manconi presents its commercial food slicers: reliable, compact, high precision in slicing, safe, quiet, simple and comfortable to use as well as easy to clean.

Manconi offers a line of commercial food slicers for food stores. Reliable, compact, made with the best materials, all the commercial food slicers are the perfect working tool for those who need to slice, every day, great quantities of meat, cheese and any other type of food, ensuring excellent accuracy in slicing.

All the products are professional slicers with high precision mechanism, an appealing design, and a construction that guarantees total safety for the operator.




Features of Manconi commercial food slicers

Manconi commercial food slicers are designed for groceries, deli stores, small supermarkets and all the retail activities that deal with different types of food every day. Here are the advantages of these professional machines:

  • Commercial food slicers are compact and do not need large spaces to be placed in.
  • All the machines boast a modern design with rounded and smooth lines.
  • The slicers are highly customizable: you can paint (with any RAL code) knobs or the main frame itself.
  • All the commercial food slicers are realized with high quality materials that guarantee hygiene, resistance to rust, corrosion and strikes, and general resistance over time.
  • The machines are silent, easy to use and comfortable thanks to the exceptional smoothness of the plate that reduces efforts for the operator, both during slicing or cleaning operations.
  • These models of slicers have many removable parts. This enables a faster, deeper, more accurate and convenient cleaning of the machine and every single component and that can be done in totally safe conditions.

Commercial food slicers are safe and reliable as they comply with European regulations.

Customize your food slicer

Every food slicer can be customized as far as colors are concerned. The easiest way to add a touch of color to your slicer is to choose a machine with the knobs and other plastic parts painted according to your taste.

Anyway, on request Manconi can also paint the metallic parts of the slicer’s body with a paint that is moist and corrosion resistant. The result is a machine with a stunning aesthetic effect: an impressive furnishing element to add to your store.



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