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Are you looking for an automatic meat slicer? Discover Manconi products: professional slicers with an enviable design, built to last for years with impeccable cuts. Made in Italy and exported in many Countries, including the USA. Focus on quality and choose the model that best suits your needs.

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Our automatic meat slicers

We offer the market various highly reliable and versatile automatic meat slicers, already chosen by customers of all types active in the retail, large retail and catering sectors. Let’s have a look at our best automatic meat slicers:



The professional slicer 330 IK SA, the top-of-the-range automatic model of our historical series. This automatic slicer is perfect for professional cutting of all kinds of cured meats and sausages, cheeses, food, and pre-cooked meats. The slicer can be equipped with different types of plates, each suitable for cutting a specific product.



330 IK SA US is the US version of the above mentioned slicer. It is an automatic gravity slicer suitable for deli, cheese and any kind of cooked food. The automatic process has been improved by three different stroke lenghts and three speed modes so that you can choose the best one according to the product you need to slice.



330 VK FA is the latest addition to our research and development department. It is not yet available on the market, but it is coming and will bring a revolution in the world of automatic meat slicers. With the touch screen you can save the characteristics of the cut and recall them when desired, as well as access the specifications of the machine. Ideal for meats, cold cuts and cheeses.


All the advantages of our automatic meat slicers

For over sixty years, our artisans have been creating some of the best automatic meat slicers in the world. They are machines of excellence, designed to ensure a perfect cut even after years of use.

The heart of craftsmanship has always been the strength of our company: the engine of our passion, it is what allows us to build automatic meat slicers of the highest quality.

Here are some of the elements most appreciated by our customers:

  • Exceptional smoothness of the mechanism
  • Extremely precise cuts for every food
  • Rust, mold, bacteria, and wear resistance
  • Italian design with attention to every detail
  • On request, custom painting


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Maximum ease of use and maintenance

All our slicers, including the automatic meat slicers, are designed to ensure maximum ease of use thanks to features such as:

  • The reduced loading surface designed to reduce operator fatigue; 
  • The sliding plate and the tilting press;
  • The possibility to choose between automatic and manual mode with superior slide, in order to allow the operator to choose which mode to use and enhance productivity and reduce the effort. Moreover, in many cases, the automatic mode is provided by many different stroke lengths and speed modes;
  • The possibility to disassemble the slicer in order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning operations, in fact it is possibile to wash piece by piece with maximum accuracy. We recommend washing regularly: this will benefit the hygiene, smoothness and cutting quality of the slicer. In addition, a properly maintained professional slicer can last up to tens of years.

The quality of the materials is a guarantee of an easy maintenance in itself. High-quality materials, such as stainless steel, can assure a longer durability of the automatic meat slicer and, of course, a simpler maintenance.

Literally, a purchase for life.


What Manconi can do for you

Manconi is available to guide you in choosing the right automatic meat slicer for your needs. All you have to do is to fill out our form to be promptly contacted by one of our experts and begin your experience with us.

What makes Manconi one of the main automatic meat slicer manufacturers is the fact that:

  • Every stage, from design to delivery, takes place inside the company and is executed with artisan care;
  • "Made in Italy" quality and expertise are always guaranteed;
  • The After sale service is managed by three professionals specialized in responding to customers’ requests;
  • There is the possibility to require particular spare parts from production, at customers’ disposal for a long time;
  • All our slicers can be personalized according to customers' specifications;
  • Our slicer are delivered all over the world, with a particular focus on the US market.


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