Slicer machine: everything you need to know


A slicer machine is a professional tool created to obtain thin and uniform slices from a wide range of food. Before you purchase a slicer machine, you need to know some basic information about its working mode, its features and the different models available on the market: not all the machines are the same, and you can optimize your investment by choosing the right slicer for your needs. Here is a guide to get your bearings in the world of slicer machines.

Professional slicer machines include many different models and it may be difficult to choose the right one at first glance. If you want to gain the sharpest result when slicing food, you should take into account every single detail of the machine you are about to purchase: all the details are a precise choice that depends on two basic elements:

  • The kind of food to slice: it is not the same thing to slice frozen meat or creamy cheese, cold cuts or vegetables, bread or fresh meat. Specific slicing machines have been created to gain perfect slices with each type of food.
  • The quantity and size of the food to slice: if you have to slice large amounts of food every day, you should choose a slicer machine with a reinforced cutting mechanism and top quality materials; on the other hand, if your slicing needs are lighter, you can gain excellent results even with a more standard machine.

Now we can start considering some basic distinctions that can help you choose the best slicer machines.

Manual and automatic slicing machines

In this guide, we will not talk about manual slicers. The reason is that manual machines are only suitable for non-professional contexts such as home kitchens, and we strongly suggest choosing an automatic model for any other application, even if you have a small food store. Automatic slicers are safer, quicker, more precise and optimized for cleaning, so they are also more hygienic. Thanks to their automatic mechanism, they take more time to tire the user and do not need particular strength to be used.




Gear driven and belt driven slicer machines

So, the first difference to take into account is between gear driven and belt driven slicer machines:

  • Gear driven slicers have the most efficient and reliable slicing mechanism, ideal for activities that have to slice great amounts of food or particular hard ones. They are more expensive than average, but they are the best for high quality results, especially over time.
  • Belt driven slicers have a standard slicing mechanism, which is perfect for smaller activities such as restaurants or food stores. They are less expensive but they give great results in standard situations.

Vertical and gravity slicer machines

We can find another major difference between vertical and gravity slicing machines:

  • In vertical slicer machines, the plate is perpendicular to the blade. As a result, the product needs to be pushed against the blade by hand, but the slicing results are excellent as far as precision and uniformity are concerned, especially with meat. In addition, vertical slicers take less space than gravity ones. We recommend to choose vertical slicers for cutting fresh meat.
  • In gravity slicer machines, the plate is slightly inclined and the product automatically slides towards the blade. Therefore, these slicers are usually easier to use even if they occupy more space than vertical models. Gravity slicers are recommended to slice cheese, deli, cold cuts and vegetables.


On the left: a vertical slicing machine by Manconi, on the right: a gravity slicing machine by Manconi


How to choose the diameter of the blade

One of the most important features to take into account is the diameter of the blade: you have to choose a value that fits the maximum size of the product you have to slice. The most common blade sizes are included between 250 and 370 mm: these values cover most of the slicing needs of both small and big activities.

Type of plate and blade coatings

We can now go into details. According to their use, slicer machines may have particular types of plates and special coatings on the blade. The plates can distinguish between meat-slicing optimized plates and generic plates for deli, cheese and cold cuts. The blades can have particular coatings that ease the slicing of specific products, i.e. Teflon coatings for the slicing of creamy cheeses.

How to clean you slicing machine?

Cleaning a slicer machine is as much important as choosing the right one. Careful cleaning ensures excellent results over time, increases the duration of the machine, guarantees hygiene and precision. When choosing a slicer, make sure it is realized with rust-resistant materials, so you will be able to wash it with a water jet without any risk of rusting. In addition, for better cleaning results you should choose a slicer that can be disassembled into its basic components, so you can clean them one by one separately. During the cleaning, always remember to pay the highest attention to the blade, as it is extremely sharp.


Detail of the blade exposed for cleaning procedure


Let’s see how to proceed:

  1. First, unplug the machine from the power socket;
  2. Dismantle the slicer machine by detaching every removable component;
  3. Remove the biggest food residuals with kitchen paper;
  4. Clean all the components with water and a neutral detergent: use both water jet and a non-scratch sponge;
  5. Rinse all the components with water, dry and re-assemble them;
  6. Check the status of the machine by switching it on.

Manconi slicer machines

Manconi is an Italian company that for almost sixty years has been designing and producing slicer machines for professional use. If you are looking for a top quality, reliable slicer for your activity, here is what we can offer to you:

The SMARTY LINE includes professional slicers with an excellent quality price ratio, ideal for supermarkets, food stores, restaurants and deli stores. The slicers available are ideal to cut any kind of product, and can be chosen among all the features we have seen before. In addition, all the machines can be customized with the desired colors.


Some of the slicers from the SMARTY line by Manconi


The KOLOSSAL LINE includes all the top-range slicer machines of our production, recommended for food industries or professional activities that look for flawless results. Almost all these slicers are gear driven and guarantee the highest quality in slicing the recommended product. You can choose machines for any kind of product, from frozen meat to fresh meat, deli products, soft and creamy cheese, fish, cooked meat and pre-cooked products, bread and vegetables. Again, also these slicer are available with the features we’ve seen above.


Some of the slicers from the KOLOSSAL line by Manconi



The KOLOSSAL DUAL line is the latest evolution of the KOLOSSAL line, with aesthetic improvements and innovative endowments. Like the KOLOSSAL line, it is recommended for industrial activities and demanding professionals in the food sector.


Some of the slicers from the KOLOSSAL DUAL line by Manconi



All the slicers by Manconi:

  • Are automatic: quick and easy to use
  • Are certified according to the EU regulations
  • Are safe and reliable over time
  • Are realized with rustproof materials
  • Are available with removable components
  • Are studied with ergonomic features

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