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Since 1958, we are specialized in designing and manufacturing professional meat slicers that combine Italian craftsmanship with the latest technology.

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Made in Italy excellence and the finest production are the pillars of our meat slicers. Since 1958, we are leading manufacturers in the sector, fulfilling the expectations of our clients in terms of reliability and durability

Our business is not only focused on the quality of the product itself, but also on the satisfaction of our clientele, offering complete guidance and assistance throughout the whole experience - from the selection of materials to customization, from manufacturing to the end product - and delivering an efficient after-sale customer service.

On this page, you will have a glimpse of our complete series of professional meat slicers and our effort to deliver products that can cater both national and international needs. We will also delve into the protocols that help us assess the quality of every device we manufacture. 

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Much More Than Meat Slicer Manufacturers

Our line-up is punctuated by a variety of meat slicers that we, as manufacturers, design and build with the most suitable materials for their final use. We offer an array of models dedicated to slice diverse products, such as deli, prosciutto, vegetables, bread, fish, cheese, always looking to achieve the best operational output in every sector.

For this reason, we came up with three main series of meat slicers that are manufactured to respond to the specific needs of both national and international market.

  • Kolossal is the top-tier range when it comes to commercial slicers. It is the epitome of the dualism tradition-innovation. The strength of this line resides in the structural solidity of these machines, which is the result of years of experience, and our ability to look forward.
  • Kolossal Dual is a restyling of some meat slicers of the Kolossal line. These models are manufactured by focusing on reproducing the high-quality standards of the Kolossal range, while paying attention to design, which becomes more appealing, with rounding edges.
  • Smarty has been specifically conceived for narrow spaces that require a high-performance and compact device. This is ideal for bars, canteens and restoration field, which have very precise requirements. 


This is Why We Do Stand Out as Meat Slicer Manufacturers

Manconi stands out as the top-tier choice for those who are searching for a versatile and accurate piece of equipment. Although our expertise extends beyond meat slicers, it is undeniable that we manufacture a whole range of these products, which represent the core of our offer. 

From the rigorous demands of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector to heavy-duty activities for the GDO, our machinery can effectively respond to the most diverse needs while handling different products. 

To enhance our meat slicers, we have branded them with the initials TC meaning taglio carne, which translates to meat slicing - a testament to our dedication to specialized excellence in this area. 

Our line-up includes the robust and large-scale models from the Kolossal and Kolossal Dual lines, known for their durability and efficiency in handling significant slicing volumes. Instead, our Smarty series offers compact, yet equally effective models that maintain high standards of precision and reliability.

Our mission is to provide machines that are manufactured by keeping the operators in mind. The synergy of easy-to-use mechanism and advanced technology allows us to deliver clean, consistent cuts, valuing the reliability and excellence in every operation


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Our Quality Control Protocols

Our manufacturing process encompasses every phase of the production cycle - from the market survey until the distribution of the finished product. Therefore, it is important to deliver an excellent meat slicer which is impeccable from each angle, in order to optimize our internal procedures while offering the utmost quality

We decided to walk this path by following our core principles, aiming at simplifying the work of the people who are then going to actually use the meat slicers we manufacture.

It is not a case that our machinery has achieved various certifications by renowned national and international institutes (NSF, UL, etc.). Thus, they are fully compliant with Italian and European directives and regulations in terms of safety, hygiene and ergonomic features


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