Commercial meat slicer: the best models and benefits

Do you work in a mall and you need to cut large amounts of food? Do you have a restaurant and want to slice your products in a perfect way? Whatever the size of your business, a commercial meat slicer is what you need to shape your food and break down your working time.




In this page, we will see:


A different slicer for each type of product

Manconi meat slicers are designed to cut different categories of product, you can understand which is best suited to your purpose starting from the food to be cut:

Commercial slicers for slicing fresh meat

Commercial slicers suitable for cutting fresh meat must guarantee high cutting precision and solve the problem of waste; this is possible thanks to a wide support designed to hold well soft meat, ensuring a uniform thickness cut in all its parts, such as for a meat carpaccio.

The commercial meat slicer Kolossal 250 VK VE is perfect for this type of work: the large support surface allows to manage large pieces of soft meat, even very voluminous, despite the compact dimensions of the machine.




Commercial slicers for slicing cured meats and sausages

Cutting many cured meats and sausages can be a big workload for barsrestaurants, and grocery stores. Buying an electric slicer for this type of cut means that you can work with a silent and compact, yet powerful and functional machine. Another important feature of a commercial slicer for cured meats and sausages is to be easy to wash thanks to the extractable components and the possibility of being washed by water jets, without running the risk that it can deteriorate or rust.

We recommend the Smarty 300 IX meat slicer, with a high cutting precision and low load height to reduce operator fatigue. Its compact size is ideal for the small spaces of a bar or restaurant.




Slicer machines for slicing cheese

Commercial slicers for cheese are a specific line of machines that must facilitate cutting and sliding of cheeses of various types, with hard or tough dough. Manconi offers, on request, a special treatment that facilitates the sliding of the product on the worktop and a lower resistance on the blade during the cutting operation.

Manconi’s suggestion is a dynamic and versatile slicer: the Kolossal 250 IK pro slicer has a 15 degree inclination to provide all the advantages of a gravity machine and retain part of its vertically cut efficacy. The polished aluminum surfaces and the precise sliding channels make it an excellent cheese slicer, facilitating sliding and cleaning.




Commercial meat slicers for slicing raw ham

Raw ham and cured meats of great size are the specializations of Manconi, which proposes pro slicers able to meet specific needs for this type of cuts.

The slicer for commercial purposes that can meet these needs are generally larger machines, designed to be stable and keep the product in the correct position. They are vertical slicers that can help the operator in the dragging of the plate, with a product to be sliced that is usually heavy.

Manconi’s recommended slicer is the Kolossal 300 VK BV, a ham slicer machine with a safe and reliable locking system for meats and sausages of all sizes. The tilting arm is suitable for any type of shape, allowing to naturally grasp even a product with an irregular shape like raw ham.




Slicer machines for fish

This type of commercial slicer is suitable for cutting fish without bones. As this product can be also hard to slice, for example in case of frozen fish, it is essential for the slicer to have the following features:

  • Great plate's smoothness in order to facilitate slicing and cleaning operations;
  • Serrated blade in order to cut also frozen fish without any difficulty and obtain precise cuts;
  • The possibility to remove all the components in order to realize a deeper cleaning of the slicer.

300 VX VE is a good fish slicer machine beloning to Smarty line. It has compact dimensions so it can be installed on restricted surfaces. The sliding way of the carriage is very useful for the operator and allows to obtain excellent slices of fish. All its components can be removed.




Commercial meat slicers for cooked meat

Manconi offers a great range of commercial meat slicers suitable for cutting cooked meat like roast-beef and ready meals.

All these models are made of the best materials, in fact they are resistant to corrosion and rust and are very reliable from the hygienic point of view. All the components can be removed for more accurate cleaning operations.

In addition, Manconi's slicer machine for cooked meat are characterized by:

  • High precision slicing mechanism in order to avoid product wastes;
  • Good grip of the meat, reduced loading height and smoothness of the surfaces in order to facilitate operator's work;
  • CE certification in order to meet the European regulations.

370 IX is an excellent commercial meat slicer for cooked meat and is part of the Smarty Line. It is perfect for gastronomy and Ho.Re.Ca. sector and can cut also big size products. The sliding way of the carriage allows excellent performances with very little waste of product.

All the components can be removed and the low loading height reduces the operator strain.


commercial-meat-slicer- 370-ix


Do you work in the catering or food distribution industry? As you can see, a commercial meat slicer is the right choice for anyone who needs to speed up the cutting process. The possibility of slicing large amounts of food with precision makes this machine a must-have for every company or activity that wants to combine quality and efficiency, eliminating waste permanently, regardless the frequency of use.

As we have just seen, Manconi’s pro slicers are divided into two main lines:

Let's discover them more in detail. 


Smarty Slicers: great technology with a small size

Smarty slicers for commercial purposes are designed for those who work in the Ho.Re.Ca. industry, where keywords are versatility and contained size. In all the branches of catering there is the need to work closely to the customer, operate in a discontinuous way and cut many different types of food; Manconi’s Smarty pro slicers ensure quality cuts and a high level of safety at affordable prices.

Suppose you have to do a catering service, every time in a different place; to work in the kitchen of a small restaurant or in the confusion of a take-away. A cumbersome slicing machine is uncomfortable to carry around and occupies space that could be essential to work well. With Smarty restaurant slicers, you can keep your work space clear and increase performance and efficiency.


Speed and resistance of a Kolossal commercial meat slicer

When quantities increase, product waste and working times multiply; Kolossal slicers are ideal for a seamless work, as they are specifically created to operate in different sectors or for specific foods, reducing waste and shortening production time.

Kolossal pro slicers are designed to be stable and durable, ideal for large shopping centers or specialized butcher shops.

Not all meat slicers for commercial purposes are the same: there are many features that can vary depending on the type of use, such as:

  • Blade Inclination: blade inclination is very important in a pro slicer, as it can completely change the type of cut. If inclined, the food will automatically flow against the blade due to gravity, while if the blade is perfectly vertical, the operator must move the product manually.
  • Blade Size: make sure to choose a commercial meat slicer with a blade size that fits the product you have to cut. Blade size is proportional to the dimension of the food to slice.
  • Separate Sharpener: despite all the professional slicers are made of anti-corrosion stainless steel, having a separate sharpener is synonymous with cleanliness and versatility, while if what you need is practicality and solidity, having a fixed sharpener is the right solution.
  • Transmission: belt-drive slicers are more versatile and economical, those with gear transmission offer the highest quality performance, more suitable for heavy and long-lasting work. The low noise of the transmission is another feature to be taken into account when purchasing an electric slicer; a good slicer for commercial purposes is quiet and efficient.


Slicing safely

Cutting operation can also be very dangerous if done without the correct instruments. All Manconi’s commercial slicers comply with the safety parameters dictated by the European regulations in force and are constructed in anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials to prevent the deterioration of the parts and eliminate the formation of molds and bacteria.


After trying the comfort of a commercial meat slicer, you won't be able to work without it!

Find the most suitable meat slicer for your commercial purposes among all the machines by Manconi!

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