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Manconi manufactures catering slicers with an elegant and functional design, compact, efficient and able to support even the most difficult working rhythms of the catering service. We export worldwide!



How do you guarantee high quality and speed during an intense Catering Service? The true masters of catering use the right tools. Among them, you need the right meat slicer: compact and easy to move, precise and versatile to cut different kind of food. Last but not least, easy to clean to maintain maximum hygiene.

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Manconi catering slicers

We have different models of catering slicer, fit to different product size but equally versatile enough to cut different kind of food: cold cuts, cooked meat, vegetables, cheese and pre-cooked food. Here are some of the best machines from our collection:

catering-slicer-smarty-250-vxveCatering slicer 250 VX VE: one of our most compact and economic model, this catering slicer is perfect for meat, deli, vegetables and cheese. The blade size is 250 mm (9,8 inches), suitable for products of small size. The machine can be disassembled to ease the cleaning process and keep it in the best condition.


catering-slicer-kolossal-300-vkbvCatering slicer 300 VK BV: a powerful slicer suitable for deli and raw ham, the typical Italian “prosciutto”. It is great to slice all kind of cold cuts with extreme precision. The gear box transmission mechanism guarantees long duration and excellent resistance. The blade size is 300 mm (11,8 inches).


catering-slicer-350-ixCatering slicer 350 IX: this slicer is the best choice if you have to cut many different products. The machine is engineered to cut with precision delicatessen, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables and even bread. Easy to use, silent, compact and professional even for unexperienced operators. The blade size is 350 mm (13,7 inches).


catering-slicer-smarty-370-ixCatering slicer 370 IX: the “bigger” version of the 350 IX slicer, this machine is ideal to cut big-size products among delicatessen, cold cuts, cooked meat, vegetables, cheese and bread. We merged all the best qualities of our slicers in a compact, reliable and precise machine. The blade size is 370 mm (14,6 inches).


catering-slicer-250ikCatering slicer 250 IK: this model is suitable for deli, cheese and cooked meat with limited dimensions. This slicer is compact and flexible so it can be installed on narrow surfaces. It is very easy to clean as sharpener, blade guard, product deflector and meat plate can be removed. 


catering-slicer-370-ik-dualCatering slicer 370 IK Dual: this slicer has great cutting capacity and is suitable for deli, cheese and cooked meat. Cleaning operation are very simple, thanks to the rounded wash through shapes and the possibility to remove all the components. Blade diameter is 370 mm and the plate is tilted in order to facilitate the activity of the user.


catering-slicer-300-vx-bvcCatering slicer 300 VX BVC: this model is perfet for cutting every type of delicatessen and raw ham. It can be positioned on very limited surfaces thanks to its reduced sizeand has a twin support arm with adjustable last-slice device. The sliding movement of the carriage is excellent and cleaning operations are very simple, thanks to the possibility to remove all the components.


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Why choose a Manconi catering slicer?

The best catering slicer must be able to withstand high discontinuous workloads and cut without producing wasteful foods. Manconi catering slicers meet these and other requirements to ensure maximum reliability, precision and impeccable service:

  • They withstand high discontinuous workloads
  • They can process a variety of different food products
  • They are compact and transportable.
  • They are easily washable to ensure perfect hygiene.
  • They boast an elegant design


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