Electric meat slicers for professional use

An electric meat slicer is a professional product specifically designed to improve performance and save time when slicing food in business activities. Due to the electric powered engine, an electric slicer guarantees a fast, steady and comfortable movement of the blade, increasing efficiency so to optimize time and result.

Manconi is specialized in the production of electric meat slicers since its foundation in 1958. Since then, the company has diversified its offer to cover the needs of all the branches of the food sector, designing and creating electric slicers for a wide range of products and situations.

Despite the great diversification, Manconi electric meat slicers share some features that make them among the best electric slicers on the market:

High quality materials

Electric meat slicers for professional use have to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and long term operations. To gain such results, Manconi always chooses the best materials to create its electric slicers, whatever their destination may be. In particular, the company employs a stainless steel alloy that ensures high resistance in wet environments and prevents oxidation and corrosion, making all the slicers last for years.

Deep cleaning possibility

All the models of electric meat slicer can be disassembled into their basic components, which can be cleaned thoroughly one by one. We recommend to perform a periodic check and cleaning of the components, so to maximize the efficiency and duration of the machine.




Space saving design

Manconi produces two different types of electric meat slicer: vertical slicers and gravity slicers. The difference between the two lies in the grade of the blade: gravity slicers have a blade that is slightly sloping toward the plate, making them more comfortable to use, but also bigger. On the other hand, vertical slicers have a blade that is perfectly perpendicular to the plate, making the machine occupy less space. You can choose a vertical slicer if you have to save space.

Gear driven or belt driven?

Manconi electric meat slicers are available in both gear driven and belt driven models. What is the difference between the two? Gear driven slicers are the best electric slicers currently available, as they are equipped with a technology that gives the best results as far as accuracy and constancy are concerned: these machines are therefore recommended in all the professional contexts in which top quality results are always sought after. Belt driven slicers are a little bit less expensive than gear ones and guarantee excellent performance in more standard contexts.

Quality certification

All the models of electric meat slicer by Manconi are certified according to the current European regulations. EU standards are among the most severe in the world, and are granted only to those companies that guarantees the highest level of safety and hygiene with their products.

image-Slicers for deli stores

Slicers for deli stores

Deli slicers for meat are synonym for reliability, convenience and incredible care in slicing. Designed to occupy a little it space has a compact design and at the same time a great aesthetic value.

image-Slicers for supermarkets

Slicers for supermarkets

The commercial slicers for supermarkets, hypermarkets and food chains are designed to meet the needs of large quantities of product to slice, speed up the everyday work, reduce waste of product with minimal efforts for the operator in the use of this equipment.

image-Slicers for Ho.Re.Ca.

Slicers for Ho.Re.Ca.

Manconi presents its line of restaurant slicers and slicers for hotels and catering: compact, reliable and functional machines that offer extraordinary accuracy in slicing

image-Slicers for butcheries

Slicers for Butcheries

Manconi presents the line of slicers for meat: excellent grip for fresh meat and maximum cutting precision for a flawless result.

image-Slicers for food srores

Slicers for food stores

Manconi presents its commercial food slicers: reliable, compact, high precision in slicing, safe, quiet, simple and comfortable to use as well as easy to clean.

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