Electric meat slicer: why choose Manconi

If you are looking for an electric meat slicer, you are in the right place: Manconi has been producing electric meat slicers for more than sixty years, committing with passion and expertise in the continuous improvement of its products.




An electric meat slicer is the best solution if you look for a machine that has to be used frequently and intensely, for long periods, with a powerful engine that automates most of the cutting work. It is not difficult to understand that this type of slicer is widely used among those who need a professional machine, such as the seller and distributor of deli and meat. Manconi manufactures its wide range of electric meat slicers for these customers, designing specific products for the following sectors:


Electric meat slicers for deli stores

The features of all our models of electric meat slicers for deli stores are the compact design, the precision of the cut and the high level of safety. Thanks to the compact design, these slicers can adapt to small spaces, common in many deli stores; the precision of the cut grants the drastic reduction of wasted product; their safety minimizes any risk linked to the use of the slicer. For this sector, Manconi also designed specific machines for the cut of the Prosciutto, one of the most appreciated cold cuts in the Italian cuisine.


Electric meat slicers for supermarkets

Our models of electric meat slicers for supermarkets are designed to guarantee, first, the intensive cut of great quantities of product, supporting the use up to ten hours each day. Resistance and speed are the top features of these slicers, which also boast a high precision to minimize the wasted product. Manconi produces automatic models of electric meat slicers for supermarkets, capable of cutting the product completely independently.


Electric meat slicers for Ho.Re.Ca.

For a sector in which the flexibility and the compact design of the equipment are essential, Manconi designed electric meat slicers for Ho.Re.Ca. to slice a wide range of products, created with a soft and pleasant design – suitable for the most formal occasions – and compact size, perfect to move the machine everywhere.


Electric meat slicers for butcheries

The electric meat slicers for butcheries include models specifically designed to have a strong hold on fresh meat – necessary to avoid the movement and slipping of the product – to guarantee an extremely precise cut of the product. The great size of the plate makes possible to slice a great quantity of meat, and the cutting mechanism is designed to eliminate any waste of the product. All our models of electric meat slicer for butcheries can be easily disassembled and cleaned in every detail.


Professional electric slicers for food stores

Compact design and precision are the key features that Manconi kept in mind when designing its models of electric meat slicer for food stores. The compact size let you place the machine also in small stores, where space is a valuable resource; the high precision, on the other hand, makes possible to cut standard-sized slices.


All our models of electric meat slicer comply with the safety parameters set by current European regulations.


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