Electric meat slicer: why choose Manconi

An electric meat slicer is the best solution if you look for a machine that has to be used frequently and intensely, for a long period of time, with a powerful engine that automates most of the cutting work. This type of slicer is widely used among those who need a professional machine, such as the sellers and distributors of deli and meat. Manconi has been manufacturing a wide range of electric meat slicers for these customers since 1958.

If you are looking for an electric meat slicer, you are in the right place as we have been producing slicers for more than sixty years for various sectors.

In this page you will find any information you need when you are about to purchase a professional electric slicer:

               For deli store

               For supermarkets

               For butcheries

               For local food stores


Electric meat slicers are ideal when you need to chop great quantity of meat, such as the case of supermarkets, butcheries and the likes. Electrically powered meat slicers allow you to cut large pieces of food faster, and this is why they come in handy and are worth every single penny.

But which types should you choose?

There exist several models, actually. However, depending on the business you run, we are able to suggest some kinds of electric food slicers instead of others.

Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Deli stores


370 VX BV is a vertical slicer particularly suitable for raw ham, roast-beef, delicatessens and cure meat. Therefore, it is most used by deli and grocery stores. Despite being able to chop big-sized products, this slicer is compact in size so that it can be put on narrow surfaces as well.

It comes with:

  • Belt transmission
  • Built-in sharpener
  • 370 mm blade diameter (also available with 300 mm or 350 mm blade)
  • 250 rpm blade speed

If you need a food electric slicer for deli stores, take a look at here.


Which kinds of electric food slicer do you need? Contact us to get more information!






One of the models most appreciated by supermarkets is the 370 VK TC Dual, a vertical electric meat slicer which is ideal for fresh meat. It is characterized by great cutting capacity that allows it to cut 0 from 24mm thick slices. The peculiarity of this machine, like all those belong to our Kolossal Dual Line, lies in the fact that you can choose the kind of transmission between gear or belt, and the types of sharpener which can be built-in or separate.

This professional meat slicer is characterized by:

  • 370 mm blade diameter (also available with 350 mm blade diameter)

  • 200 rpm blade speed (with gear transmission) and 230 rpm blade speed (with belt transmission)

  • Wide frame to carry the product

  • Plate with swinging and removable remnant holder in aluminum


Learn more about Manconi slicers for supermarkets.




Big butcheries often go for another kind of professional electric slicer, like the 370 VX TC, assembled with great attention. This is a vertical slicer especially qualified to cut fresh meat that minimizes the product waste and needs limited counter space.

It is equipped with:

  • Belt transmission

  • 370 mm blade diameter

  • 380 mm carriage travel

  • Removable sharpener, blade cover, deflector, stub, plate

What are the most suitable electric meat slicer for butcheries? Find it out here.

Food stores


The 300 VX BV is often the first choice of local food stores for it has a compact size and allows you to perfectly slice raw ham and any kind of delicatessen. As a matter of fact, whole ham requires specific machines that are able to reduce the operator’s effort through a smooth sliding mechanism.

Among the characteristics of this electric meat slicer we can mention:

  • Belt transmission

  • 300 mm blade diameter

  • 297 mm carriage travel

  • Blade speed 250 rpm

Look at some other slicer that are often chosen by food stores.


Hotels, restaurants and caterings need slicers that cut a broad range of food This is where Manconi Smarty Line comes in handy, a range of electric slicers that are versatile, precise and built with a certain attention to design.

One of our recommended models is 250 VX VE, a vertical electric slicer suitable for bread, meat, deli, vegetables and cheese. Among the features of this machine there are:

  • 250 mm blade diameter
  • 286 g/m blade speed
  • 245 mm carriage travel
  • Built-in sharpener

As for the Ho.Re.Ca. field we also recommend these other electric food slicers.

Why you should choose Manconi professional electric slicers

At Manconi’s you will find a broad range of professional electric slicers that have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs and wants of professionals working in several different fields. All of them are characterized by:

  • High quality materials: we use stainless steel to manufacture our electric meat slicers, as it is a shock and damage resistant material; in addition, it does not rust.
  • Easy cleaning: the biggest part of our slicers has removable components that make it easy to clean them in a fast and safe way.
  • Precision and ease of use: all those seeking for electric slicers need professional machines that are easy to use and ensure the greatest cutting precision so to obtain perfect and uniform slices.
  • Pleasant design: we build all the slicers with a great attention to design, especially evident in the Kolossal Dual and Smarty lines because slicers can become a furniture element, for instance in the frame of hotels and caterings.
  • Customization: this especially regards electric slicers from the Smarty line, whose frame and knobs can be chosen in different colors.


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