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Are you working in a restaurant and looking for a slicer to cut easily and safely your products? You are in the right place: on this page you will discover all the models of slicers created by Manconi for the restaurant field: a single versatile machine fit to any product, or many specific slicers if you want to go vertical and extreme high-precision on specific products. We supply our slicers worldwide, meeting specific regional regulations.

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All the restaurant slicers by Manconi are professional machines, certified as complying to the current European and USA regulation, and provided with the highest standards as far as safetyhygiene and reliability are concerned. Discover below our suggested machines for your activity: a single, all-rounded slicer to cut any kind of food, or different slicers each to make the best of a specific product. Or, if you want to have a look at our entire collection, discover the SMARTY LINE: it is a specific line of restaurant slicers, an innovative series of products that includes all the machines designed for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. They are all belt driven slicers, practical and fast, extremely reliable and created with an elegant design. Restaurants, pizzerias, canteens, fast food restaurants and takeaways are the ideal locations for these slices.




Discover our SMARTY LINE

The best restaurant slicer to fit any need

If you are looking for a single, all-rounded professional slicer suitable for any kind of food that you can slice in a restaurant (meat, deli, vegetables and cheese), we have a specific model to show you:

restaurant-slicer-smartySMARTY 250 VX VE

Small in price and big in performance. Its compact size and perfectly slowing carriage allow an accurate cut of meat, pork, vegetables, and cheese from small sizes. It is efficient and safe and is built to last over time, ensuring excellent performance. Maintenance is simple and fast.


Restaurant slicer: the best machine for any kind of food

If you are looking for a particular kind of restaurant slicer, designed to cut a specific product, we can give you an advice to find the perfect slicer which suits you the best.

Depending on the type of product you most need to slice, we suggest a specific model:


To slice meat: for fresh or frozen meat the best slicers are vertical models with TC plate, an Italian acronym that means “meat cutting”. In the SMARTY series are included models for meat with blade dimensions of 250, 300, 350 and 370, perfect for any need. For cooked meat and food, the best models are both vertical and gravity slicers, with machines equipped with blades of every dimension.
Suggested slicer: SMARTY 370 VX TC



To slice bread: Manconi created two restaurant slicers specifically designed to cutting bread. They are available with blade size of 350 and 370, both of them equipped with a serrated blade in order to perform at best the cut of any kind of bread.
Suggested item: SMARTY 350 IX



To slice cheese: among the restaurant slicers, those dedicated to the cutting of cheese are usually equipped with Teflon-coated components (blade, plate and blade guard) or with a profiled blade to cut even the creamiest cheese. The SMARTY series includes six slicers suggested for this product, with blade sizes of 250, 300, 350 and 370.
Suggested item: SMARTY 370 IX



To slice deli: slicers for deli are the most common machines on the market, to which Manconi dedicated many and many models equipped with all the possible blades, from 250 to 370. Manconi also designed some slicers specifically created to cut one of the excellence products of Italian cuisine: the Prosciutto Crudo.
Suggested item: SMARTY 300 VX BVC



To slice vegetables: For this kind of food, the most important feature is a clean and precise cut. To fulfill this purpose, Manconi introduced in the SMARTY line four models, created to cut fresh or cooked vegetables, always guaranteeing the highest operative quality.
Suggested item: SMARTY 250 IX



To slice fish: Manconi dedicated almost ten products, among the SMARTY series, to the cutting of fish, a food that is extremely common in the restaurant field. All the models are equipped with a special serrated blade to optimize the cut of boneless fish, both fresh and frozen. 
Suggested item: SMARTY 370 VX TC


The KOLOSSAL LINE also includes several slicers that are suited for restaurant and similar activities. It represents the top of the range among commercial meat slicers produced by Manconi and it perfectly expresses the dualism tradition-innovation, which is necessary to be always contemporary: the strength coming from a long experience and the ability to look forward.

How to clean restaurant slicers 

When working with food, it is crucial to maintain excellent hygiene standards in order to guarantee the best safety levels. 

To be such, a good restaurant slicer should have disassembled parts so that it is possible to easily clean it.

In particular, in order to carefully clean restaurant slicers, it is necessary to: 

  • Disconnect the mains power cord to work safely;
  • Remove the components to wash them up thoroughly and sanitize them;
  • Remove food residuals, paying attention not to ruin the slicer;
  • Wash the base of the slicer with detergent, using a scratch-resistant sponge;
  • Rinse all the slicer and reassemble the components.

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Why choose a restaurant slicer by Manconi

Like all the electric meat slicers produced by Manconi, also the restaurant slicers boast several qualities that make them the perfect machines for professional slicing, even at competitive prices:

  • High quality materials: our restaurant slicers are realized with stainless steel and are shock and damage resistant. This means that they can be easily moved, without any risk of damaging them. In addition, they do not rust and they resist the corrosive effects of time and massive use.
  • Easy maintenance: each restaurant slicer is easy to clean thanks to the many removable parts it is composed of. Due to their construction, any operation of disposal of residual food both solid or liquid is simplified.
  • Speed of use: all the restaurant slicers and the other machines for catering and hotels are developed to facilitate the operator’s work and speed up the slicing time; they provide a smooth sliding of the plate and their loading height is reduced to facilitate the loading operations.
  • Pleasant design: the slicers are designed with rounded, pleasant lines to become a true furniture element in any context, in particular in the demanding frame of hotels and catering activities.

Customized restaurant slicers

Manconi restaurant slicers not only respond to technical requirements, but they also meet the needs of design of our customers, so that they can fit the kitchen furniture - in case it is open. Nevertheless, customization involves two dimensions of our slicers, such as: 

  • the colors of the frame, the knobs and other plastic components
  • the metal bodypainting.

Manconi restaurant slicers are safe and reliable, realized in compliance with current European and USA regulations.

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