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Do you work in the food industry and you need a high quality professional slicer?

Manconi is an Italian company that has been manufacturing high quality meat slicers for over 60 years. Manconi slicers are aimed at all the professionals in the food industry that are looking for a sharp, smooth and impeccable tool to slice any kind of food.

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Why choose an Italian meat slicer?

A slicer must assist you in cutting foods of different consistency, even for continuous use by facing large quantities of food. It must be an instrument able to maximize the performance of your work, reducing waste production and working time.

Manconi Italian-Made meat slicers:

  • Embody all the quality of the best Made in Italy
  • Encompass a sixty-years old history of innovation
  • Offer a technology that can last for years
  • Boast all the charm of Italian design


Italian meat slicers: our suggestions

Manconi meat slicers are available in three product lines, all of which entirely Made in Italy:

  • Smarty: generally more compact and suitable for the restaurant world,
  • Kolossal: bigger and perfect for heavy tasks and a continuous use,
  • Kolossal Dual: like a Kolossal version with an innovative design.


Let’s see some suggested slicers from each of them:

Smarty 250 VX VE: compact and affordable, without detracting from performance, the small Smarty is perfect in all those situations where you need to save space and money while maintaining a high quality of the cut. The Smarty 250 VX VE has a large vertical arm for cutting meats, cured meats, vegetables and cheeses.



italian-meat-slicer-300vxveSmarty 300 VX VE: this italian meat slicer is perfect for fresh meat. It is small and compact so it can be easily positioned also in limited spaces. The sliding way of the carriage allows the operator to obtain very high performances in the slicing of the products. It is an innovative slicer and its maintainance is very easy and quick.



Kolossal Dual 370 VK TC Big: the Italian vertical slicer Kolossal Dual 370 VK TC Big offers a large  plate to help in cutting fresh meat in large quantities. Designed to cut even very thin slices without waste. The possibility of removing the components and cleaning them with water jet is a great advantage in terms of hygiene and longevity.



italian-meat-slicer-370iKdualKolossal Dual 370 IK: this italian gravity Kolossal Dual slicer can be used to cut cooked meat and all types of delicatessen and cheese. It is characterized by compactness, precision and cleaning semplicity, thanks to the rounded wash through shapes. Moreover, it has removable sharpener, blade guard, deflector and plate.



Kolossal 300 IK: the Italian Kolossal 300 IK slicer is a compact and elegant machine that is also suitable for limited spaces. Its inclined plate uses gravity to guarantee the quality of cuts of foods that are very different from each other, including cheeses and precooked foods. Sharpener, blade guard, parapet and removable goods holder for correct cleaning.



italian-meat-slicer-300vkveKolossal 300 VK VE: This italian Kolossal slicer is compact and guarantees hight performances, in fact it meets the requirements of the custmores who use vertical slicers to cut also products as delicatessen and cheese. Its cleaning is very easy, thanks to ultra smooth, polished aluminum surfaces and careful slip grooves to reduce friction.



All the advantages of Manconi Italian meat slicers

Having a slicer that can always guarantee a perfect cut, even after years of continuous use, is a huge advantage that helps you save money and do your job better. That’s why Manconi designs and manufactures only high quality slicers, according to best tradition of Made in Italy.

Safety and silence

Working in total safety is an obligation. The strict European regulations do not allow exceptions when it is about safety. Manconi uses only materials and construction techniques that comply with current European regulations, guaranteeing maximum safety and unprecedented cutting quality. In addition, thanks to its build quality, a Manconi Italian meat slicer guarantees low noise levels.

Work time optimization

When you have to cut large quantities of food, a high quality Italian slicer can facilitate the operation by drastically reducing the working time. Speed ​​and efficiency are two fundamental qualities and a considerable advantage derived from using the right slicer. All the features of our slicers are designed to guarantee the maximum efficiency during slicing:

  • Blade speed: the main task of a good slicer is to make excellent cuts. That's why a high quality Italian meat slicer must be able to rotate even very slowly without blocking, able to guarantee a perfect and homogeneous cut, with a clear reduction of the waste.
  • Optimized Plate: to make perfect cuts without effort it is necessary to have a quality vertical arm. Products of large size and irregular shape must be able to be firmly gripped, only in this way can you always guarantee perfect cuts.
  • Loading height and wide support surface: a large support surface allows you to load big sized foods; Manconi Italian meat slicers also have a reduced load height, thus greatly reducing the operator's fatigue even for large quantities of food.


Waste reduction

Using a high quality slicer guarantees a clean and precise cut. The amount of material that remains between its components is minimal and is easy to clean thanks to the removable components.

Hygiene and longevity

The possibility of having the removable and washable components ensures a huge advantage in terms of hygiene and longevity. The materials with which Manconi builds its slicers are all of high quality, perfectly washable and designed to prevent harmful bacterial formations, guaranteeing hygiene and longevity.


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