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  • If you are tired of meat slicers that breaks after few months,
  • if you’d like to see your kitchen, your store or your restaurant enriched by a machine with an enticing Italian design,
  • if you think your money is worth a professional tool that gives flawless results,

then you should choose a Manconi Commercial Meat Slicer.


commercial-meat-slicerManconi: much more than meat slicers

Manconi is an Italian brand that, for almost 60 years, has been manufacturing some of the best slicers in the world.

Italian design, love for food, technology and innovation merge into professional machines, engineered for professionals in the food sector, or demanding cuisine-lovers who want to equip their kitchen with the best.


Why Manconi commercial meat slicers

Manconi takes care in every single step of slicers’ production, creating top quality machines that guarantee excellent results and maximum safety. Among the most important qualities of our commercial meat slicers we mention:

  • Resistance and durability for many years
  • Top level, steady results over time
  • Sharp cut even on thinnest slices
  • Disassembling and easy cleaning
  • Pleasant, polished Italian design
  • Top level materials and alloys
  • Silent and smooth mechanism
  • European Union safety certification


Duration is by far the most important feature: low quality slicers lose their precision and break after few months of use, top level machines guarantee sharp results over the years


Manconi commercial meat slicers: our products

Manconi offers a wide choice of professional meat slicers to meet the needs of both home users and professionals in the food sector. No matter what the product you have to slice may be, how solid or big: Manconi experience can suggest a specific slicer to gain impeccable results in any situation. Let’s take a deeper look with some tips from our experts:

Commercial meat slicers for Deli


250 IX is a compact, easy-to-use and reliable machine that can slice almost any kind of food. Its 250 mm blade is smooth and precise, ideal to cut every kind of deli, cheese and cooked meat with professional results. This gem is ideal for kitchens and small deli stores. Its maintenance is easy and fast, thanks to the removable components that can be cleaned separately.


300 IK is an innovative slicer that merges compactness and great capacity. This slicer experiments with new materials to gain incredible smoothness and silent transmission, making its operation highly enjoyable. It is designed to slice any kind of deli, cheese and cooked meat. The 300 mm blade let you cut even big sized products.


370 VK BV Dual is a state-of-the-art machine, specifically engineered to slice delicatessen. Its wide plate, blocking mechanism and transmission are ideal to cut raw ham, prosciutto and any kind of deli with impeccable results. Every detail is thought to facilitate its use, which guarantees a perfect cut without any product waste. Like most of Manconi slicers, also this one can be dismantled for accurate cleaning. The diameter blade is 370 mm.


Slicers for catering

Working for catering means having a very short time and being often in contact with the customer. In addition, the wide variety of foods to cut can be a determining factor in the choice of your working tools. A deli slicer must be able to cut many different foods with ease, guarantee maximum efficiency even at very high speeds and last over time.

Manconi manufactures compact and efficient catering slicers, able to facilitate the work of the operator and obtain a perfect cut with any food. They are also certified according to the strictest international regulations and are completely washable and sanitised, thanks to the presence of removable components.

GDO slicers

in the large-scale retail sector, you have to respond to high cutting requirements, for many hours a day even at a continuous level. A large-scale retail slicer must be able to support large sizes, guarantee a firm grip on the material and facilitate the operator's work.

Manconi manufactures functional and efficient slicers for large-scale distribution, with an accurate and innovative design. Manconi slicers are designed to last over time, to cut large quantities of food even in tight and continuous working conditions. The great cutting capacity of the Manconi slicers for gdo guarantees you the quality you were looking for, capable of perfectly cutting large quantities of meat even in demanding working conditions.

Commercial meat slicers for butchers


300 VX VE is the ideal meat slicer for cuisine lovers and chefs: it is compact, elegant, easy to use. On request, the color of the handles can be customized according to your needs. It is a vertical slicer, meaning that the blade has a vertical inclination over the plate: this is the perfect design to cut meat with precision. The blade diameter is 300 mm.


350 VK TC Dual is recommended for professionals who have to slice great quantities of meat every day. Each and every element of this slicer is optimized to cut meat with extreme precision and incredible smoothness, keeping steady results over time, even after years of use. The slicer can be disassembled for easy cleaning. The blade diameter is 350 mm.


370 VK TC Dual Big: the biggest meat slicer of our range, this machine is designed to cut big parts of meat, thanks to its 370 mm blade. This slicer is recommended for butcheries or food processing activities that need to cut significant portions of meat every day. It is a professional machine by any means: it offers exceptional results with minimum effort and maximum safety.




Commercial meat slicers: all the choices by Manconi

Fresh meat and deli are just two of the specific products that Manconi commercial slicers can process. During our sixty years long experience we have studied and designed a range of slicers with specific machines for any type of food, such as:

  • Commercial slicers for bread
  • Commercial slicers for cheese
  • Commercial slicers for fish
  • Commercial slicers for frozen meat
  • Commercial slicers for vegetables

If you slice, on a daily basis and in significant quantity, one of these types of food, then you should consider to employ one of these professional machines. You can take a look at our entire range of slicers on this page, using the filters to point out what is the food you want to slice, which sector you work in, and what blade size you are looking for.

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