300 IB DOC

Slicer 300IB suitable for deli, cheese, and cooked food

300 IB DOC
Product certifications:

Designed for great capacity and still to be installed in limited spaces. The slicer is driven by a belt, is simple, silent, very reliable and uses new plastic and metallic materials. Contact us for more information!

Standard equipment

  • Belt trasmission
  • Built-in sharpener, right way available and easy to be used
  • Great capacity and precision in slicing
  • Low loading height; to reduce strain of the operator
  • Carriage with swinging and sharpener remnant holder
  • Ultra smooth, polished aluminum surfaces and careful slip grooves to reduce friction and simplify cleaning
  • Reduced counter space
  • Tilting away carriage; sharpener, blade guard, product deflector and sharpened remnant holder for a well done cleaning
  • Adjustable food fence
  • Sharpener, blade guard, product deflector and meat plate removable for a well done cleaning
  • In compliance with European Directives 2006/42/CE (Machinery directive); 1935/2004/CE (Food material directive); 10/2011 UE (Food grade plastic directive; 2006/95/CE (Low voltage directive); 2011/65/UE (RoHS Directive); and european standards EN 1974:1998 (Slicers-Hygiene and safety requiremets); EN60204-1 (Safety of machinery); EN 55014 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and next updates.
Technical features - 300 IB DOC
Overall dimensions655 x 539 x 456 mm
Installation area532 x 441 mm
Working area746 x 539 x 456 mm
Blade diameter300 mm
Blade speed250 rpm (belt)
Slice thickness0 to 16 mm
Electrical protectionIPX3 (Motor IPX5)
Net weight30 kg
Carriage travel315 mm
Electrical specifications220-230V / 370W a.c. monophase;
220-230V / 380-400V /230W a.c. threephase
Cutting capacityØ 220 mm - 283 x 200 mm
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