image-Kolossal line

Kolossal line

Line Kolossal is the top of the range among commercial meat slicers produced by Manconi and it perfectly expresses the dualism tradition-innovation, which is necessary to be always contemporary: the strength coming from a long experience and the ability to look forward. The exceptional performance of these slic...

image-Linea Kolossal Dual

Linea Kolossal Dual

Kolossal Dual line is in a way a restyling of some professional meat slicers belonging to Kolossal line. Keeping high quality standards of Kolossal, this project develops an appealing and modern design coming from the more charming and rounded shapes than it was in the past. The electric power, the high-quality materials, the smooth slicing m...

image-Smarty line

Linea Smarty

From Manconi’s Family tradition here is Smarty, the new generation of professional slicers, developed and manufactured to work at high levels in Ho.Re.Ca.. Restaurants, pizzerias, canteens, fast food and takeaways are the ideal locations for this slicer, and it perfectly fits thei...

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