Slicers for Ho.Re.Ca.

Manconi presents its line of restaurant slicers and slicers for hotels and catering: compact, reliable and functional machines that offer extraordinary accuracy in slicing

Restaurant slicers and commercial slicers for hotels and catering – sector HO.RE.CA. - are versatile and able to slice, with maximum precision, a wide range of food products such as meats, deli, cold cuts, fish, cheese, vegetables and even more. Thanks to their compact size, they also do not require particular side spaces, and they are therefore ideal for small and medium size restaurants, catering activities and events.




Advantages of Manconi restaurant slicers

Like all the electric meat slicers produced by Manconi, also the restaurant slicers, the catering slicers and the hotel slicers listed on this page boast a series of qualities that make them the perfect machines for professional slicing, even at competitive prices:

  • High quality materials: all the restaurant slicers are realized with stainless steel and are shock and damage resistant. That means that they can be easily moved, without any risk of damaging them. In addition, they do not rust and they resist the corrosive effects of time and massive use.
  • Easy maintenance: all the restaurant, catering and hotel slicers are easy to clean thanks to the many removable parts they are composed of. Due to their construction, any operation of disposal of residual food both solid or liquid is simplified.
  • Speed and ease of use: all the restaurant slicers and the other machines for catering and hotels are developed to facilitate the operator’s work and speed up the slicing time; they provide a smooth sliding of the plate and their loading height is reduced to facilitate the loading operations.
  • Pleasant design: the slicers are designed with rounded, pleasant lines to become a true furniture element in any context, in particular in the demanding frame of hotels and catering activities.
  • Customization possibilities: all the restaurant slicers can be chosen with different colors of the frame and the knobs, in accordance with the client’s needs.

Manconi restaurant slicers, catering slicers and hotel slicers are safe and reliable, realized in compliance with current European regulations.

Customize your restaurant slicer

As mentioned, every professional slicer can be chosen with different colors in the knobs and other plastic parts. In addition, Manconi can also paint the body of the slicer with a special coating that resists moist and corrosion, adding a pleasant aesthetic effect. Painted slicers are getting more and more popular due to their impact on the customers.



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