Commercial meat slicers for butcheries

Commercial meat slicers for butcheries and food stores must meet all the needs of fresh meat slicing with high professional results: the ideal choice for any butchery that is looking for a top quality product.

So, if you are a butcher or if you run a food store, you might take a look at Manconi butcher meat slicer machines. As a matter of fact, our slicers are designed to optimize the butchery productivity by reducing the operator’s effort in slicing various types of meat.

On this page, we will discover: 

Butcher meat slicer: some suggested models

If you are looking for the best meat slicers on the market, we might have some suggestions for you on the base of your needs:

  • Some of them, like those belonging to the VK TC Dual line, are equipped with a stub specifically designed for thin-slicing so to prevent any waste of product
  • Some others have a wide carriage in order to slice a great quantity of meat.
  • All are, anyway, manufactured with innovative materials that maximize resistance and guarantee the highest hygiene level.




Let’s get a bit deeper into the topic.

In Manconi we divide all our machines into three main lines, each one including more or less suitable butcher meat slicers. These lines are:

  • Kolossal – it is the top of the range, with machines with exceptional performances, equipped with blades of different sizes (from 250 to 300 mm) in accordance to the product you need to slice
  • Kolossal Dual – it is the restyle of the Kolossal line: same performances and general features, but much more attention to design
  • Smarty – a line of professional slicers with slightly smaller dimensions, purposely designed for food stores, restaurants and canteens.


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So, how can you make up your mind among all these available butcher meat slicers? We are here to help –go on reading and discover some suggestions from us.

250 VK VE: a butcher meat slicer for deli and fresh meat belonging with the Kolossal Line, with:

  • Removable last-slice-device, sharpener, blade guard, product deflector and meat plate removable
  • Gear box transmission
  • Low loading height

It is also available with a flat lower side.

350 VK TC Dual: specifically designed for slicing meat like every machine that features the acronym “TC”, it is a vertical butcher meat slicer with:

  • 350 mm blade diameter
  • Gear or belt transmission
  • Plate with swinging and removable remnant holder in aluminium

370 VK TC Dual: a vertical slicer belonging to the Kolossal Dual Line particularly suitable for fresh meat with:

  • 370 mm blade diameter
  • Either a built-in sharpener easy to use or a separate sharpener for easy cleaning
  • Wide frame for products

370 VK TC Dual Big: it has a bigger plate than the previous model so to guarantee high loading capacity, which can be disassembled for easy cleaning. Some features of this butcher meat slicer include:

  • 370 mm blade diameter
  • Ultra smooth, polished aluminum surfaces and accurate grooves to reduce friction and simplify cleaning
  • Gear or belt transmission

350 VX TC: suitable for any kind of meat, this butcher meat slicer from the Smarty Line comes with:

  • Belt transmission
  • Easy to use built-in sharpener
  • Carriage with sliding plate and tilting aluminium pusher



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Some industrial meat slicers by Manconi 

If your activity requires an industrial meat slicer which can endure heavy-duty working routines maintaining highly-performing standards, Manconi’s models are what you need. 

Here you can find some of our industrial models. 

Smarty 250 IX: this meat slicer is versatile and suitable for industrial laboratories that deal with a variety of food on a daily basis. Despite its simplicity and convenience, this is a high-quality industrial slicer crafted to guarantee excellent results. 

  • Profiled blade
  • Low loading height to make the operator more comfortable
  • Carriage with swinging sharpener pusher


Kolossal 330 IK: this industrial meat slicer has been designed to slice deli, sausages, vegetables and bread. The cleaning operations are easy thanks to removable parts, and the ultra smooth aluminum surfaces. 

  • Gear box transmission for excellent results 
  • Built-in sharpener, ready to be used 
  • Tilting carriage


Smarty 370 VX TC: this industrial meat slicer is a machine specially crafted to cut fresh meat. Its blade is big, and sharp, and also the plate is large in terms of size. Maintenance is facilitated by the presence of removable components. This is one of the most incredible models of the Smarty line

  • Weight monitoring unit
  • Tailor-made colour
  • Belt transmission


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How can a proper butcher meat slicer help you?

There are a series of characteristics that you would better pay attention to when you look for a butcher meat slicer:

  • excellent hold on fresh meat so to ensure e very precise cut, even for the thinnest slices
  • separate sharpener and removable parts to guarantee easy cleaning and the highest hygiene levels
  • high quality production materials – like stainless steel – to ensure resistance to use and corrosion
  • wide carriage to voluminous portions of meat, meeting the needs of any butchery.

You will find all these characteristic in our professional butcher meat slicers which add a captivating design, curve and elegant lines to the concrete features listed above.

Customize your butcher meat slicer

You can customize your meat slicer by choosing handles and plastic components of different colors to make it aesthetically pleasant. If you like it, you can also coat the slicer with your preferred paint color, resistant to moisture and corrosion.


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