Commercial meat slicers for butcheries

Welcome on the page of Manconi dedicated to the commercial meat slicers for butcheries and food stores. The slicers displayed in this section can meet all the needs of fresh meat slicing with high professional results, being the ideal choice for any butchery that is looking for a top quality product.

  • Manconi meat slicer machines are designed to eliminate any wasted product, optimizing the butchery productivity.
  • They are stable and safe machines, granting an excellent hold on fresh meat and making possible a clean and precise cut, even for very thin slices.
  • Thanks to the separate sharpener and to the movable parts, Manconi commercial meat slicers are extremely easy and comfortable to move and clean, for a machine that works in the highest hygiene levels and preserves over time the quality of its materials.
  • The wide carriage in all the listed models is perfect to slice voluminous portions of meat, meeting the needs of any butchery.




If you are looking for the best meat slicers on the market, Manconi suggests four models suitable for slicing any kind of fresh meat: the 350 VK TC Dual, the 370 VK TC Dual, the 370 VK TC Dual Big, and the 370 VX TC. All the models from the series VK TC Dual have a stub specifically designed for thin-slicing, always preventing any waste of the product. The 370 VK TC Dual Big has a wide carriage that makes possibile to slice a great quantity of meat. The 370 VX TC, from the series Smarty, is realized with innovative materials that maximize its resistance and grant the highest hygiene level.

All the models of commercial meat slicers show a captivating design, curve and elegant lines and top quality materials that make them aesthetically pleasant. They can also be customized with colors and different handles.

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