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Are you looking for a meat slicer for sale? Discover all the machines by Manconi, with a wide choice of slicers for any specific need. Manconi meat slicers are the ideal tool for food stores, groceries, deli stores and butcheries, with all the quality of Italian Made products.



Manconi is an Italian company specialized in the production and sale of professional meat slicers. With more than sixty years of experience, Manconi is one of the best partner for those who are looking for quality at convenient price. Our range of meat slicers includes a wide choice of machines, diversified according to:

  1. The kind of product you have to slice
  2. The size of the products
  3. The quantity of product you need to slice daily

Let’s see all the meat slicers for sale you can choose according to these needs.


Meat slicers for sale: which product you have to slice?

If you are a professional in the food sector and you want to always offer the best quality to your customers, you should consider choosing a meat slicer machine that is optimized for the product you have to cut. Each product has its own consistency and organoleptic properties, which can be altered when the food is sliced. Choosing the right machine could help preserving those properties, not counting that the slicer will last longer if it’s optimized for that kind of product.

Manconi meat slicers are available for cutting:

  • Fresh meat
  • Frozen meat
  • Cooked meat
  • Deli and cold cuts
  • Prosciutto (raw ham)
  • Fish (boneless)
  • Bread and vegetables
  • Cheese and creamy cheese

Of course, meat slicers for sale also include more generic machines that are designed to cut a wide variety of food. However, if you are specialized in one particular product, we always suggest to buy the specific slicer to cut that product.


Meat slicers for sale: different blades for different sized products

Manconi meat slicers are available in different sizes in order to meet all the requirements related to the product dimension. To this regard, the first difference comes with the blade dimension, which is available with the following diameters: 250mm, 300mm, 330mm, 350mm, 370mm.

However, the size of the blade isn’t all you have to consider when slicing big sized products. To cut big pieces of meat or fish it is important that the plate is wide enough to hold firmly the food and prevent it from slipping away. Some of the meat slicers for sale are equipped with particular plates that are designed to accommodate big sized products.



Meat slicers for sale: how much do you have to slice every day?

The slicers on sale can be divided into two main groups according to the quantity of product they have to slice every day:

  • Gear driven slicers: these meat slicers are equipped with the best technology available, gear driven engines that guarantee the highest performance as far as accuracy and consistency are concerned. These meat slicers are the ideal tool for high duty performances, i.e. in supermarkets and industrial activities.
  • Belt driven slicers: these meat slicers guarantee high quality results in more standard situations: they are recommended for small food stores, butcheries or deli stores that have to slice a limited quantity of products daily.


Other qualities you have to take into account when evaluating a meat slicer for sale

To make sure you choose a slicer that lasts over time and guarantees clean and precise cuts, you should consider some important features such as:

  • Stainless steel finishing: to guarantee the best protection against rust and corrosion
  • Removable components: to make possible clean them one by one
  • Safety certification: to be guaranteed as far as the safety of the operator is concerned

All the meat slicers for sale by Manconi provide these features, placing as some of the best meat slicers available on the market.


How to find the best meat slicer for your needs

So, how can you find the slicer that is most suited for you activity?

Just visit the page dedicated to all the meat slicers by Manconi: there, you can find all our meat slicers for sale and use the filters in the menu to select the features you need, choosing the blade dimension, the sector of application and the type of product you have to slice. Once you have found the right slicer for you, you can click on it to read all the specific features and contact us to ask for any information or discuss prices with our staff.


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