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Are you looking for a stainless steel meat slicer? You are in the right place. On this page, we introduce you to some of the best meat slicers available on the market, signed by Manconi, an Italian Company that has been producing professional slicers from more than fifty years, providing small and big businesses with the right machine for their needs. Keep reading to discover more.

A stainless steel meat slicer is a slicing machine realized with a special steel alloy that resists corrosion and rust. This kind of slicer is the best available on the market, as it guarantees a high level of hygiene and long-life operation, besides many other advantages.

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Stainless steel: why is it the best material for a slicer?

Stainless steel is a special steel alloy that contains a significant percentage of chromium. As a result, stainless steel acquires excellent resistance to corrosion and rust, preventing iron oxide to form on the surface and corrode it, creating areas on which bacteria and fungi could thrive. This is why stainless steel is widely used in the food sector: its properties guarantee an excellent level of hygiene in contact with food, preventing contamination.

Stainless steel meat slicers are the best on the market as far as hygiene is concerned. Besides hygiene, the quality of the material also guarantees other advantages:

  1. Their high resistance to corrosion make them last longer than standard slicers.
  2. Stainless steel meat slicers support critical conditions (such as the cut of salty and wet food like fish and fresh meat) much better than other machines.
  3. Thanks to their smooth and polished surface, they can be easily cleaned.


Stainless steel meat slicer by Manconi

Manconi designs and produces several models of stainless steel meat slicers. All the machines are Italian made and guarantee high standards of hygiene and safety, attested by the European certification

Let’s take a look at some suitable slicer on the base of the kind of meat you need to slice:


Stainless steel meat slicer for frozen meat: 250 VX VE

Belonging to the Smarty line this slicer is particularly suitable for delicatessens and restaurants, canteens and bars because of its compact. The perfectly slowing carriage allows an accurate cut of meat and frozen meat, ensuring excellent performances.

The sharpener, the blade cover and the slice deflector are fully removable so that the slicer becomes easy and safe to clean.

Read here all the features of the 250 VX VE slicer.


Stainless steel meat slicer for fresh meat: 350 VK TC Dual

It is a stainless steel meat slicer especially qualified for fresh meat, with a wide plate and a meat press that can be removed. It has compact dimensions and a 350 mm diameter vertical blade.

Find the best slicers to cut fresh meat.


Stainless steel meat slicer for ham: 300 VX BV 

Firm grip, reduced effort for the operator, reliable slicing results, easy loading height: these are the features of a proper ham slicer machine. In this case, the suggested models include the 300 VX BV slicer, especially suitable for raw ham.

It features a vertical plate with an arm that allows a locked grip of the product, an excellent sliding movement of the carriage and perfect cut that ensures slices of perfect shapes and integrity.

Take a look to other stainless steel meat slicers for ham.


Stainless steel meat slicer for deli: 250 IK

As a perfect tool for food stores, bars, restaurants and supermarkets, the 250 IK meat slicer perfect results without muddling and waste of product. With its gear box transmission, low loading height and removable components, it is suitable for slicing various kinds of delicatessens. Being compact in size, it can be installed on narrow surfaces as well.

Here are all stainless steel deli slicers.


Stainless steel slicers for cooked meat: 330 IK SA

Ideal to cut cooked meat such as roasts, roast beef and other kind of cooked meat, this automatic slicer ensures the utmost precision due to its optimized automatic slicing with three carriage speeds and three stroke lengths.

The strain of the operator is reduced thanks to its compact size and loading height, which makes them suitable also for small spaces where surfaces are quite narrow.



Discover here all stainless steel slicers for cooked meat.


As you can see, you can choose your slicer among three different series, each of them designed to meet specific requirements:


  • The Smarty Line: the stainless steel meat slicers of this line are designed to meet the needs of restaurant, catering and hotel professionals that need compact and reliable machines that can be moved easily. Most of the slicers from the Smarty Line are equipped with a belt driven mechanism that guarantees an excellent compromise between results and accessible price. For this reason, these machines are also ideal for small food stores, deli stores and supermarkets that look for a stainless steel meat slicer at good price.
  • The Kolossal Line: the slicers from the Kolossal Line are created for industrial and highly professional contexts that require the utmost quality without compromises. The stainless steel slicers from the Kolossal Line are equipped with gear driven mechanism, which is the best and most reliable on the market, ideal to perform excellent cuts even in difficult conditions.
  • The Kolossal Dual Line: this is the top of the range among Manconi machines. All the stainless steel meat slicers from this line embody the best features of the previous models and are designed with rounded and pleasant shapes that fit any professional context. The machines from the Kolossal Dual Line are available both with belt driven and gear driven transmission.




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Which is the best stainless steel meat slicer for your needs?

Not all the slicers are the same: especially when you choose a machine for professional purposes, you have to take into account all the differences that make each machine suited for a particular application. A stainless steel meat slicer guarantees protection against corrosion, but for best results, you should also check other features:

1. Dimension of the blade: according to the size of the product you have to slice, you can choose a slicer with a specific blade size. Manconi meat slicers are available with blade diameter size of 250, 300, 330, 350 and 370 mm.

2. Type of product you have to slice: when you choose a stainless steel meat slicer, you also have to consider the kind of product you have to slice. Manconi builds its slicers with specific endowments to optimize the cut of a type of product: so, among the available models you can find meat slicers:

  • For fresh meat
  • For frozen meat
  • For fish
  • For cheese
  • For vegetables
  • For bread
  • For deli
  • For raw ham
  • For cooked meat

You can see the selection of slicers for each category on the page dedicated to the products to slice.

3. Possibility to remove single components: even though stainless steel is the best material for hygiene, you should definitely consider that cleaning your slicer regularly would further improve its duration and its efficiency in slicing. Check out the slicer you choose can be dismantled in its smaller components, so you can wash them separately and gain better results in less time.

For more suggestions, we welcome you to read our FAQ section with advices and best practices concerning the choice and operation of meat slicers. Of course, feel free to contact us for any information: use the form below and we will answer to your questions as soon as possibile!


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