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Welcome on the page dedicated to the models of vertical slicer by Manconi, a type of slicer that we have been producing since our foundation, boasting an almost sixty-years know-how and experience.

The vertical slicer is probably the most common and used model of slicer. It can be distinguished from the other models for the inclination of the blade: in the vertical slicer, the blade is in fact perfectly perpendicular to the plate, making necessary for an operator to manually move the cut product. On the other hand, in the gravity models the product automatically slips towards the blade.

Thanks to this feature, a vertical slicer usually occupies much less space than the other models, optimizing the spaces of shops, deli stores, butcheries and small activities that need to reduce obstructions in their rooms, or Catering activities that need a compact and movable machine.




Vertical slicers by Manconi

Manconi offers a series of high quality vertical slicer models, equipped with different sized blades ideal for any type of cut:

All the vertical slicer models by Manconi with a 300, 350 and 370 mm blade have two types of plates: a TC plate for the cut of meat and a BV plate for cold cuts and cheese.



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