Commercial slicers for Ho. Re. Ca.

Welcome on the page of Manconi dedicated to the commercial slicers for Ho.Re.Ca. acronym that denotes hotels, restaurants and catering services. The main needs in these fields are flexibility – which is important when dealing with a great variety of food, as the Ho.Re.Ca. professionals do – and portability, which is the possibility to easily move the slicer from a place to another, a need particularly felt by catering businesses.

Manconi commercial slicers for Ho.Re.Ca. are designed to slice with high precision a wide range of products: not only deli, but also meats and cheeses of any kind. Manconi slicers are compact, highly resistant, rustproof and anti-corrosion, the ideal features for a machine that has to be easily moved and used for a long time.




The design is well-cared, too: the elegant and dazzling lines guarantee an aesthetic look, making Manconi professional slicers suitable for the most formal occasions. The possibility to customize the slicers also makes them easy to integrate in any workplace. Manconi commercial slicers for Ho.Re.Ca. are also soundproof, fast and smooth, and easy to maintain, thanks to the many removable parts.

Manconi professional slicers for Ho.Re.Ca. divide into two categories:

  • The slicers from the line Kolossal are the top-level products by Manconi, born from a long experience and from a steady boost towards innovation. The features of this line are the capability to minimize the level of wasted product, and the great attention paid to the safety of the operator.
  • The slicers from the line Smarty are professional slicers specifically designed for the Ho.Re.Ca. due to their high resistance and hygienical safety: they perform, in fact, a high strikes and corrosion resistance. The line Smarty is available in the colors red or black.


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