Pork slicer machine: discover all Manconi's models

Cutting precision, excellent grip, ease of use: discover all the qualities of a Manconi's pork slicer machine.

Since 1958, Manconi has been manufacturing various types of pork slicer machines that differ in the dimensions of the blade and the plate, the sharpener, the design and compactness, and other elements. All these characteristics depends on the type of meat you need to slice: raw meat and cooked or pre-cooked meat require a different type of slicer. Let's discover all the best models by Manconi.

Raw pork slicer machine

This kind of pork slicer machine is suitable for slicing fresh meat without bone, whose size requires a specifically designed machine which can create perfect slices although the softness of the meat might make the operation difficult.

Among the many kinds of pork slicer machine manufactured by Manconi, some of the most recommended ones include:


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250 VK VE

Ideal for slicing small-sized products, this slicer has minimum overall dimensions and keeps all the quality, performances and safety of the models with bigger blade diameter.


It is a compact, vertical slicer machine to cut fresh meat, equipped with a wide plate and many removable components that can be easily washed with water jet.

350 VX TC

Perfect control and reliability are the main characteristics of this slicer that ensures cutting precision and the best hygienic conditions. Ideal for everyday work, it has a belt transmission mechanism and compact size.


Find out all the kinds of raw pork slicer machine by Manconi


Cooked pork slicer machine

The main consideration that may arise in slicing cooked meat is hygiene as this kind of meat releases liquids, fats and salt that can corrode the slicing mechanism.

This is the reason why Manconi’s pork slicer machines are made with many removable components that can be easily washed and cleaned so to eliminate any organic residual. On top, they are made of stainless steel that ensures resistance to rust, corrosion and acid aggression.

Some of the best pork slicer machines are:


330 IK SA

It is a kind of automatic pork slicer machine with all the good characteristics of the manual model. It can be equipped with different plates like a plate with self-locking clamping device, and removable remnant holder and sliding plate (AB option); a plate with transparent and removable remnant holder (E option) or plate with swinging aluminum remnant holder (EF option).


This is a compact slicer machine with great cutting capacity. This slicer can cut not only cooked meat, but also delicatessens and cheese, and it ensures cutting precision and cleaning simplicity as it can be cleaned with water jet.

370 IX

Suitable either for big-sized products and cooked meat, this pork slicer machine allows very high performances avoiding any waste of product. It is made of shock, corrosion and scratch resistant materials that guarantee hygiene and safety.


Find out all the kinds of cooked pork slicer machine by Manconi


Main features and advantages of a Manconi pork slicer machine

Due to the great precision required in slicing, a pork slicer machine must have some characteristics that qualify it as an actual professional tool. Some of them are:

  • significant meat press to firmly hold event the bigger pieces of meat
  • smoothness of the plate to smoothly slice the meat and make the process easy and less tiresome
  • separate sharpener to easily and safely clean the slicer machine around the blade
  • removable components to accurate clean the whole pork slicer machine

Beside these characteristics, a pork slicer Machine by Manconi also possesses some features that allow it to:

  • avoid any waste of meat thanks to the high precision slicing mechanism
  • fastly cut the product
  • guarantee the ease of use thanks to the presence of smooth surfaces, good grip and reduced loading height
  • be suitable for big supermarket chains and small food stores at the same time
  • be resistant to rust, corrosion, acid aggression and organic liquids

In addition, Manconi offers the chance to customize the pork slicer machine as regards colors and accessories so that it can match the whole store furniture.


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