Commercial slicers for vegetables: which are the best features?

Commercial slicers for vegetables are specific machines for all those activities that need a professional and highly reliable tool to cut vegetables. Supermarkets, Ho.Re.Ca. professionals, food stores and deli stores could face the need of cutting great quantities of vegetables, to create buffets or to cook the most various dishes: in all these cases, a slicer for vegetables can considerably increase the efficiency and speed of the work.

Let us see the ideal features of a commercial slicer for vegetables:

  • Versatility: the best slicers for vegetables should be capable of cutting raw vegetables and cooked vegetables with solid consistency with the same result. The thickness of the two products is quite different and, therefore, the machine has to be a versatile tool to grant the same standard in both cases. This is possible with the use of the best materials and the perfect sharpening of the blade, which performs a clean cut on different products. For the same reason, some commercial slicers for vegetables are suitable to cut also meat, cold cuts, cheese and bread, giving the possibility to face all the needs of a food store with one single machine.
  • Precision: in the best slicers for vegetables, the cut precision is granted by the innovative design and the excellence of the materials that, as mentioned before, makes possible work on products with different consistency. The cut precision is essential to avoid that the vegetables such as fennels, celery and similar products could smash during the cut, compromising the quality of the result.




  • Uniformity: in vegetable cutting, the uniformity of the result is an extremely important quality. Having regular and uniform slices can ease the cooking of the vegetables, granting professional results.
  • Prolonged activity: for the professionals of the food sector who need to cut great quantities of vegetables every day, on the market are available professional slicers for vegetables that can work for many consecutive hours, providing the same quality over time. They are noiseless, resistant and compact machines, capable of cutting 7 days a week for up to 10 hours each day.


Manconi designs and produces top quality commercial slicers, placing as one of the most important players in its field, on a national and international level. Discover all ours slicers for vegetables and find the model that suites at best your specific needs!


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