Automatic Meat Slicer for Industrial Settings

Automatic meat slicers are especially important for the Food&Beverage industrial settings. These solutions boost productivity by integrating technology into daily cutting operations, implementing a new approach in the field. 


On this page, we will discuss the technical specifications of the brand new Kolossal Dual 330 VK FA by Manconi and how it can be useful in your daily cutting operations. Then, you will know more about the relevance of automatic meat slicer in industrial environments.

Uncover the features of our new automatic meat slicer


The new automatic meat slicer Kolossal Dual 330 VK FA is the ultimate innovation by Manconi. Perfect for industrial applications, this machine completely embraces the technological revolution of these last years, guaranteeing impeccable results and seamless integration in all types of contexts. Moreover, it features a touchscreen display with an intuitive interface for:

  • programming the slicer
  • storing cutting settings
  • diagnosing errors
  • accessing operation and maintenance guidelines

Thanks to Wi-Fi connection, the equipment can display a customized setup, making each operation intuitive, simple and accurate

The compact structure of this automatic meat slicer and its polished aluminum surfaces facilitate cleaning protocols for excellent performance at all times. 

Another core specification of the Manconi model is the optimized automatic slicing with three carriage speeds, which allow a higher level of customization based on the characteristics of the product that needs to be sliced. 

Lastly, the best cutting mode can be also selected thanks to the automatic and manual mode with superior slide

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How Kolossal Dual 330 VK FA can help you in your daily operations

The new automatic meat slicer Kolossal Dual 330 VK FA is the most suitable machine for industrial operations. 

Improved Efficiency 

Automation allows you to store cutting programs. Therefore, you only need to enter the library and select the parameters that you want depending on the product you have to slice to obtain the desired result. This helps you in your daily production and optimizes the machineuse for various types of food, from meat to cheese. 

Functional Advantages 

This automatic meat slicer is versatile, as it can adapt to any industrial setting. In fact, the 330 VK FA model can be employed across many different sectors - from GDO to Ho.Re.Ca.

Its intuitive functioning and easy-to-clean design allow to completely disassemble the slicer for daily maintenance, extending the machine’s lifespan. 

Safety and Compliance 

This slicer is compliant with the latest European directives and regulations related to safety and food hygiene, providing high protection for operators. Another important aspect concerns the low loading height, which reduces the operator’s strain when moving the product, for an improved level of accuracy.

Why automatic meat slicers are crucial in industrial environments?

Nowadays, more and more industries tend to opt for the adoption of the latest technologies available in the market. As a result, automation has become a core feature to ensure high-quality standards and respond effectively to the demands of supermarkets.

With automatic meat slicers, heavy-duty and industrial operations become easier, reaching new heights of operational efficiency, even when processing large quantities of products. Furthermore, they are engineered to reduce waste and prevent the risk of injuries during cutting. Removable components and smooth surfaces are indispensable features when it comes to hygiene

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