Frozen meat slicer: all the best models by Manconi

What are the most suitable slicer models to cut meat straight away from the freezer? And which are their main features? Uncover it on this page, where we will introduce you to the best slicers for frozen meat. All models are provided by Manconi, which specializes in the production of high quality, electric, and professional meat slicers either for the European and the worldwide market – including the American one.



Take a look to the many customization possibilities Manconi offers and the main features a frozen slicer must possess:


Many deli stores, supermarkets and food stores often face the need to cut the meat while still frozen, as it would be inconvenient to unfreeze it every time. Yet, frozen meat is by far one of the most difficult products to slice so that it is quite difficult to find a machine that gives professional results with this kind of food. As a matter of fact, many slicers lose their accuracy when cutting frozen food while it is easy to ruin the blade with improper use.

To solve all these problems, Manconi created a range of professional slicers specifically designed to cut frozen meat. On this page we introduce a selection of the best machines available for the European, the American, and the worldwide market.


Frozen meat slicer 250 VX VE

250 VX VE is a little gem designed for small deli stores and food stores. The compact size makes possible to place the machine in small spaces. This slicer is a vertical model, perfect for the cut of meat, cold cuts, vegetables and cheese; thanks to its power and precision it turns out to be a perfect slicer for frozen meat, the cut of which is eased by the excellent smoothness of the plate. Manconi designed this slicer keeping in mind the problems that can rise when cleaning the slicers for meat, a product that easily leaves greasy residuals and liquids on the blade. For this reason, this slicer can be comfortably disassembled in order to ease all the cleaning operations.




Frozen meat slicer 370 VX TC

370 VX TC is thought for those activities that need to cut big products. It is a professional slicer for frozen meat, with a wide plate to accommodate huge pieces of meat. Like the previous model, the slicer can be easily disassembled to guarantee an accurate cleaning of all its components, maximizing hygiene and duration.




Frozen meat slicer 300 VX VE

Smarty 300 VX VE slicer is perfect for all kinds of meat, due to its high cutting precision and fast and powerful blade. The slicer is compact, despite the wide plate that can accommodate large meat pieces. Thanks to the removable plate and to the separate sharpener, the machine can be easily cleaned.




Frozen meat slicer 350 VX TC

350 VX TC guarantees a precise and regular cut, ideal for all kind of meat, even in large quantities. The removable pieces allow a fast maintenance and a perfect cleaning, to give the best results in the daily cutting activities. Built in corrosion, shock and abrasion resistant materials, this slicer is an efficient machine made to last for a long time and ensure perfect performance even after a long use.




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Customize your slicer

On request, all the slicers produced by Manconi are available with colored knobs and plastic components, according to the customer’s needs. In addition, every slicer can be painted with a moist and corrosion resistant glossy coating, with a color of choice. A painted slicer is a beautiful furnishing element that increases the appeal of any activity. What’s your favorite color?



Features of frozen meat slicers by Manconi

Due to the difficulty, it is common that questions such as “How do I cut frozen meat?” arise. The answer is simple, and lies in the kind of professional frozen meat slicers and their features. Here are some:

  • All the professional slicers by Manconi are c ertified according to the most severe EU regulations: they are safe, reliable and made from safe materials such as stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion.

  • Manconi frozen meat slicers are also suitable for the worldwide market: while some models are specifically studied for the USA market, other ones can be employed in any other non EU market.

  • They come with a serrated blade, which is essential if you have to cut hard products such as frozen meat because it ensures clean and precise cuts.

  • Manconi frozen food slicers are also equipped with many removable components, such as a separate sharpener, so as to facilitate the cleaning operations from the liquids and fats released by the frozen meat when sliced. 

  • Last, but not least, their excellent smoothness of the plate reduces the efforts of the operator and eases cleaning procedures.


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