Pro slicer: how to choose the best one and where to buy it

In the food industry there is the need to slice food in a fast and precise way. Manconi offers you a wide range of machines, to cut and slice different products, with all the quality of some of the best pro slicers on the market. Find the pro slicer that best suits your business and improve your work.




To work better you need to better manage your time so, why waste it? A pro slicer assists you in cutting different types of products, eliminating wastage and breaking down the working time; Manconi proposes a wide range of pro slicers to cover every slicing requirement in any branch of the food industry.

What are the advantages of a pro slicer?

The advantages of a pro meat slicer are many and depend on the type of work that you have to carry out. Among the most important elements to consider, we mention:

  • Work time reduction: when you have to cut large quantities of product or you work in contact with the customer and you have to operate with speed and precision, a pro slicer is exactly what you need. Speed is one of the most tangible elements deriving from the use of a professional machine.
  • Waste reduction: using tools that are not suitable for your work always leads to considerable waste. Manconi’s pro slicers guarantee a precise cutting, minimizing all kinds of waste.
  • Stability: to stand the wear and fatigue of a continuous use, Manconi supplies all its pro slicers with ergonomic grips, designed to guarantee comfort and stability, to cut evenly any type of food.
  • Hygiene: poor quality blades or machinery may deteriorate and produce harmful mildew and bacteria, compromising good food preservation. Manconi manufactures all its stainless steel pro slicers to prevent oxidation and corrosion, ensuring perfect hygiene in accordance with European regulations.
  • Safety: during work and, above all, when it is necessary to operate with a certain speed, it may happen that the use of poor quality machines can lead to some risks. Manconi pro slicers are safe and reliable, in order to relieve any concern about safety.


How to distinguish a good pro slicer from an ordinary one?

A pro slicer must be a useful purchase to maximise the performance of your work, so you have to choose a machine that, besides being the right one for the product you have to cut, guarantees the quality that your customers deserve. Here are the features that a good pro slicer must have:

  • Easy disassembly: if every component of a pro slicer can be removed easily, then it is possible to wash it at best and prevent any bacterial formation; easy maintenance pairs with good quality.
  • BV plate: the presence of a quality vertical arm is an important feature for a good slicing machine. As most of the products to slice are of large size and irregular shape, they need to be grasped firmly and have a smooth flow improves the entire cutting operation.
  • Blade Speed: it is easy to imagine how a good slicing machine makes perfect cuts. A blade able to rotate more slowly ensures a perfect and homogeneous cut, with significant reduction of waste.
  • Products loading height: fatigue to perform simple operations is harmful and counterproductive. The more you reduce products load height, the easier the loading procedure becomes.
  • Noise reduction: a noisy slicer is annoying for you and your customers. A good pro slicer should not be stressful to work with.
  • Large support surface: a perfect blade is not enough. The quality of the cut is also affected by a wide support surface to accommodate any kind of food.


Manconi’s meat slicers have all the features that a good pro slicer must have, from the quality of the construction materials to the innovative and intriguing design.


Find the right pro slicer for your job

Pro slicers can have very different structural features. So how do you choose the right machine? You must first understand the context in which it will be used:


Professional slicer for deli stores

Working in contact with customers can be exhausting in moments of great affluence. Having a fast and precise pro slicer can greatly improve the efficiency of the work and make it easier even when customers become numerous and demanding.

Pro slicers for deli stores must be compact enough to occupy a limited space while maintaining very high performances.

Do you work mainly with raw ham? Manconi created Kolossal 300 VK BV, a specialized pro machine able to support the weight of large pieces of cured meats, helping in the cutting operation.



Pro slicer for mass retail channel

Pro slicers for large distribution are solid and stable machines, able to withstand the wear of continuous work, assuring safety and precision of cutting, with a minimum waste production and considerable savings of time.

The slicers for this workload are especially useful in large supermarkets and food chains, where the workload can be effectively reduced. For special or very specific work, on request, it is possible to personalize or automate the machine.

For large pieces of fresh meat and raw ham, Manconi suggests the Kolossal Dual 370 VK BV Dual pro slicer, where the good blade size and the large support surface ensure a correct cut despite the compact dimensions.



Pro slicer for Ho.Re.Ca.

Do you have a restaurant and you need to shape your products saving time and space? The catering industry requires versatility and efficiency; customer is at the centre of the attention and you can not waste time with an ordinary slicer.

The pro slicer suitable for your restaurant, catering and bar services is fast and quiet, able to carry out its work discreetly and without cluttering the kitchen.

Manconi proposes Smarty 250 IX pro slicer, a professional and effective cutting machine, with a small size and affordable price.



Learn more about catering slicers


Pro Slicer for butcher shops

Those who work in a butchery need to cut meat with a great frequency. In this case, you need a machine with exceptional performance, able to work for many hours a day and to be cleaned easily. These slicers are top of the range machines of the highest quality.

Manconi recommends the Kolossal Dual 350 VK TC Dual pro slicer, a machine designed to slice considerable quantities of fresh meat; the large support surface and the proportioned pusher allow to cut large portions of the product in a stable and precise way.




Every Manconi’s pro slicer works with electric power.


Save time and optimize your work, try the efficiency of a pro slicer!

Find out on this page the best machine for your needs!

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