Meat slicer manufacturers since 1958

Manufacturing professional electric slicers since 1958.

We are specialized in the production of professional electric slicers. Since it was founded in 1958 by a tenacious group of artisans, Manconi Srl. has always been focused on the quality of products and customer service

Committing to these two focuses, during the decades we have developed different lines of professional slicers – we have always been investing in strategic and financial resources to stay competitive on the international market, where we sell more than 50% of our whole production.

Much more than meat slicer manufacturers

Despite the fact that many customers call us because of the quality of the meat slicers we manufacture, we build many different kinds of slicer machines suitable for a variety of products such as deli, prosciutto, vegetables, bread, fish, cheese.

Three are the main lines of professional slicers we produce:

  • Kolossal – the top of the range among commercial slicers that perfectly expresses the dualism tradition-innovation: the strength coming from a long experience and the ability to look forward
  • Kolossal Dual – a restyling of some professional slicers belonging to Kolossal line: this line combines the high-quality standards of Kolossal with a deeper attention to design conceived through the rounded shapes of the machines.
  • Smarty – our long experience has taught us that bars, canteens, take-aways and everyone working in the restoration field have pretty much different needs than GDOs and supermarkets: for example, the former need slightly smaller slicers with a better attention to design, the latter ask for fast and high performing machines.


All the slicers we manufacture

The first thing people usually go to when thinking about a slicer is meat, probably one of the most sliced products. We are not only meat slicers manufacturers, yet it is undoubted that a part of our professional slicers, either manual and electric, is dedicated to meat slicing.

To make them stand out from the rest, we have marked the meat slicers we manufacture by the acronym TC, taglio carne, which, translated, literally means meat slicing.

Also these kinds of meat slicers are produced to meet different needs, from supermarket chains to Ho.Re.Ca. to small butcheries, so you can find big slicers from the Kolossal and Kolossal Dual line as well as more compact models from the Smarty line.


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Manconi Quality Control

The complete development cycle of the product from the market survey until its distribution, required us a strategic decision to optimize our organization, including all the quality controls into the company for highly specialized operators.

We walked this path by following our principles:

  • excellence
  • innovation

Both aim at simplifying the work of the people who are then going to actually use the slicers we manufacture.

It is not a case that our professional slicers have achieved various certifications by important National and International Institutes (NSF, UL, etc) – they are fully compliant with Italian and European norms in terms of safety, hygiene and ergonomic features.


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