Company specialized in the production of professional electric slicers.

Manconi & C is specialized in the production of professional electric slicers. The company since it was founded in 1958 by a tenacious group of artisans has always been focused on the quality of products and customer service .

That’s how different lines of slicers were born and developed during the decades to follow the evolutions of the market and the fast growing needs of the end users. It has always been a direct comparison with the best competitors in Italy just like abroad, where more than 50% of its production is dispatched.

The complete development cycle of the product from the market survey until its distribution, required to Manconi & C. Srl a strategic decision to optimize its organization, including all the quality controls into the company for highly specialized operators.

The current range of slicers produced by Manconi & C. Srl, can meet different needs: from Supermarket chains to Ho.Re.Ca, and Manconi continued its commitment with strategic and financial resources to remaining a leader in the high quality segment.

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