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Manconi: the best commercial meat and cheese slicers

At Manconi we elaborate solutions to satisfy all our customers. In the world of gastronomy, delicatessens are one of the most important customers  as they offer various types of cold cuts, ham, meat and cheese. For this purpose we have created a range of commercial meat and cheese slicers, which have many features for the slicing of these two foods. This allows delicatessens to acquire complete and compact slicers and save space on their counters.

Here we recommend some of our meat and cheese slicers:


250 IK slicer is designed for customers of small and medium catering or gastronomy. It is very compact, easy to use and suitable for slicing ham, cheese and different types of cold cuts.

commercial-meat-cheese-slicer-350-IK-dual350 IK Dual is a commercial meat and cheese slicer ideal for a professional public. Its main feature is the inclined plate that facilitates operator's work and allows to slice many different foods such as cheeses, cold cuts of any kind and cooked meats.
rebanadora-de-jamón-y-queso1370 IX is one of the commercial meat and cheese models of the Smarty line and is included in the range of inclined slicers. It is made to slice all kinds of sausages, bread, cheese, vegetables and cooked meats and its versatility allows it to be used in any store or business in the Horeca and GDO sector.
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The versatility of a Manconi commercial meat and cheese slicer

These type of slicers are studied in detail to meet different types of slicing and to handle with care the different products present in the deli:

  • Slicing meat is an action that requires a more solid and precise control, so our slicers are created with strong grips and wider plates with teeth so that the meat does not move;
  • In the specific case of hard or semi-hard cheese, these slicers are easy to use and allow the product to slide during the slicing operation.

Moreover, the materials are resistant and do not suffer from the corrosive effects of time, heavy use and harmful elements, such as salt.

Working with cleanliness is the best way to work

One of the most important requirements in the food industry is cleanliness. Manconi pays a lot of attention to cleanliness and creates completely dismountable slicers to allow customers to clean the machines carefully at finished work. All our commercial meat and cheese slicers can be cleaned with a water jet.

Distinguishing features of meat and cheese slicerscommercial-meat-cheese-slicer-2

In addition, our commercial meat and cheese slicers are designed according to European standards and have a very high safety level. They are functional machines, designed to facilitate the operator's work, with integrated scales, automatic shut-off to save energy and blade extractor. They take up very little space and their design gives great aesthetic value if placed in the strategic point of the store counters.



Are you looking for a functional, versatile and complete slicer for different types of food? Manconi has the solution for you!

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