370 VK BV Dual

Vertical slicer, 370 mm diameter suitable for deli, raw ham

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370 VK BV Dual
Product certifications:

High-performance vertical slicer, compact in order to require limited counter space, used mostly to cut prosciutto, but qualified to slice any type of delicatessen. The product blocking mechanism is simple and reliable. Every detail has been studied to facilitate the use of the machine, which guarantees a perfect cut without any product waste. The assembling and dismantling operations, necessary for a perfect cleaning, are fast and smooth and can be executed in maximum safety for a total and long-lasting reliability. As all Kolossal products, also the DUAL range can be cleaned with water jet. Contact us for more information!

Standard equipment

  • Gear or belt transmission
  • Built-in sharpener easy to use or separate sharpener for easy cleaning
  • Plate with swinging and removable remnant holder in aluminum
  • Ultra smooth, polished aluminum surfaces and accurate grooves to reduce friction and simplify cleaning
  • Limited couter space required
  • Removable sharpener, blade guard, deflector, stub, plate and remnant holder for easy cleaning
  • In compliance with European Directives 2006/42/CE (Machinery directive); 1935/2004/CE (Food material directive); 10/2011 UE (Food grade plastic directive; 2006/95/CE (Low voltage directive); 2011/65/UE (RoHS Directive); and european standards EN 1974:1998 (Slicers-Hygiene and safety requiremets); EN60204-1 (Safety of machinery); EN 55014 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and next updates.
  • Modern and reliable On/Off switch
Technical features - 370 VK BV Dual
Installation area510 x 510 mm
Working area845 x 686 x 569 mm
Blade diameter370 mm
Blade speed200 rpm (gear)
Blade speed230 rpm (belt)
Slice thickness0 to 24 mm
Carriage travel370 mm
Electrical protectionIPX3 (Motor IPX5)
Net weight54,9 kg
Electrical specifications220-230V / 290W a.c. monophase;
220-230V / 380-400V /350W a.c. threephase
Cutting capacityØ 260 mm - 320 x 260 mm
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