The Best Meat Slicer For Prosciutto

If you are looking for the best meat slicer for cutting prosciutto, Manconi has a broad range of fine machinery to choose from, encompassing the most traditional models and cutting-edge innovations.



Thin and uniform slices can be easily achieved by using a meat slicer that combines performance, aesthetics and functionality. Transform your cutting experience and choose the best model for your business. 

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Our Best Slicer Models For Cutting Prosciutto 

Manconi has developed three complete lines of meat slicers specifically designed for cutting Italian prosciutto and emphasizing its taste. 


Kolossal 300 VK BV




The Kolossal 300 VK BV is the best meat slicer for cutting prosciutto and deli products. Its gear transmission and built-in sharpener make slicing operations smooth and keep the blade always whetted. Designed and manufactured with polish aluminum, this machine is compliant with the strictest European standards for hygiene, and quality. Furthermore, a smart locking mechanism ensures the highest safety of the operator. 


Discover the 300 VK BV model


Kolossal 370 VK BV Dual




The Kolossal 370 VK BV Dual is largely used in the Ho.Re.Ca sector for cutting prosciutto and delicatessen. This meat slicer can fit even the most limited surfaces, guaranteeing a modern aesthetic to your counter. The removable components of this machine turn cleaning procedures into easy operations. It is equipped with a 370-millimeter blade for big cuts. 


Discover the 370 VK BV Dual model


Smarty 300 VX BV




The Smarty line is the best for cutting all kinds of deli and prosciutto. It features a vertical clamping device and a sliding carriage with an aluminum pusher to facilitate the operator’s work and have a firm grip on the product. This machine is compliant with current European directives and regulations, as well as being FMC-certified


Discover the Smarty 300 VX BV model


Smarty 300 VX BVC




If you are interested in a belt transmission model with a twin support arm for greater cutting accuracy, the Smarty 300 VX BVC is the best meat slicer for cutting deli products and prosciutto. This machine is equipped with a removable sharpener, blade cover and slice deflector to facilitate maintenance, reduce waste and protect the operator from any injuries that might occur during cutting operations. In addition to its versatility and high quality performance, the compactness of this machinery makes it suitable for the most narrow counters. The machine is available in the red and black version.


Discover the Smarty 300 VX BVC slicer


The Must-Have Features Of A Meat Slicer Machine

A professional slicer for cutting Italian prosciutto perfectly, needs to be specifically conceived and manufactured for this purpose. These are the characteristics it should display: 

  • a sturdy structure made of materials that are suitable for food contact;
  • a razor-sharp blade to cut every kind of prosciutto, with a variable diameter that facilitates the cutting activity and achieve thin slices;
  • removable components for easy maintenance and minimal waste;
  • an ergonomic design and low loading height to make the slicing operations more efficient and less tiring for the operator;
  • certifications that ensure high-quality standards, reliability and the utmost safety.

Manconi meat slicers are the best models for both intensive working environments and deli counters, ensuring thin cuts on the finest prosciutto products. 


If you are looking for the best meat slicer for prosciutto

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Why Are Manconi's Meat Slicers the Best For Cutting Prosciutto?

Manconi’s meat slicers are an unparalleled blend of accuracy and durability. We provide machines that promptly cater to the operator’s needs in terms of workload, custom features and consistent performance, without compromising the meat’s integrity

What makes our professional equipment stand out is the ergonomic and compact design which perfectly adapts to the product, creating a synergistic operation where fast and precise cutting are key. 

Choosing our slicers for cutting Italian prosciutto, you will have the opportunity to work with a solid machine, made by selecting the most groundbreaking materials and the most innovative technology but keeping an eye on traditional values such as quality, expertise and safety. 


If you are looking for the best meat slicer for prosciutto

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