Cold cut slicer: features and types

Among the many kind of slicers Manconi is specialised in, there are cold cut slicers. Since 1958 Manconi has been producing electric slicers for a broad range of products that include meat, cold cuts, deli, cheese and bread for different fields: large retail chains, butcher shops, delicatessens and grocery stores, restaurant, canteens and pubs all over the world.


Every sector and every product has, however, a most suitable slicer that satisfies its specific needs. For example, if you need to slice cold cuts, you must choose the best cold cut slicer for this purpose.


Cold cut slicer


Three Main Lines of Cold Cut Slicers by Manconi

Manconi produces three main lines of cold cut slicers, all realized in compliance with the current European Regulations regarding safety and hygiene: Linea Kolossal, Linea Kolossal Dual, and Linea Smarty.

Cold cut slicer: Linea Kolossal

Due to its exceptional performances and the top-quality materials it is made of, this line is the top of the range among commercial meat slicers. The slicing mechanism is realized with gear-driven transmission, which guarantees high precision.

The Linea Kolossal includes various kinds of slicers with different features. For example, according to the product you need to slice, you can choose among different types of blade (from 250 to 330 mm) and between vertical and gravity slicers. All these slicers feature a ready-to-use built-in sharpener.

Cold cut slicer Kolossal

Cold cut slicers: Linea Kolossal Dual

Kolossal Dual maintains the characteristics of the Linea Kolossal, but features a higher attention to design, visible in the rounded shapes of the slicers. It has electric powers, a smooth-slicing mechanism and high-quality material that makes these slicers durable and reliable. The cold cut slicers belonging to the Linea Kolossal Dual are some of the most innovative and cutting-edge professional meat slicers. The word Dual refers to the double choice of built-in or separate sharpener and the gear or belt transmission.

Cold cut slicer Kolossal Dual

Cold cut slicers: Linea Smarty

It is a new generation of professional cold cut slicers, ideal for restaurants, canteens or takeaways. They are realized in shock, corrosion and scratch resistant materials and provide quality, precision, reliability, safety and hygiene.

Cold cut slicer Smarty

Which cold cut slicer should you choose?

Once again, the choice of one cold cut slicer instead of another one depends on your need and on the product you slice.

Throughout its 60-year-long experience, Manconi has been able to produce different kinds of cold cut slicers that differ in size and shape in order to satisfy the most various needs.

Here are some of the most indicated models if you are searching for a professional and reliable cold cut slicer:

Smarty 250 IX

This slicer belongs to the Linea Smarty, and is most suitable for cold cuts, cheese, vegetables and pre-cooked food. Quality, simplicity and compact size facilitate the operator’s work and ensure excellent results. Moreover, it is easy to clean.


Cold cut slicer Smarty 250 IX

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Smarty 300 VX BV

Especially suitable for raw ham and delicatessen, this slicer features a vertical clamping design and excellent sliding movement of the carriage and perfect cut. Its removable components allow accurate cleaning.


Cold cut slicer Smarty 300 VX BV

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Kolossal 330 IK

This gravity feed slicer is particularly suitable not only for deli, but also for bread and cheese. It has a reduced loading weight and plate that can be differently equipped such as plate with swinging transparent remnant holder; plate with swinging aluminium remnant holder or plate with self-locking clamping device, transparent and removable remnant holder and sliding plate.


Cold cut slicer Kolossal 330 IK

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Kolossal 370 IK Dual

This gravity feed slicer with great cutting capacity is suitable for cold cuts, cooked meat and cheese. It features a tilted plate and rounded shapes that make this cold cut slicer easy to use and to clean. Like all the other Kolossal slicers, it can be cleaned with water jet.

Cold cut slicer Kolossal 370 IK Dual

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Kolossal 370 VK BV Dual

Thank to its 370 mm diameter, this cold cut slicer is most suitable for deli and raw ham. It is a kind of high performing slicer designed to guarantee perfect cut and avoid waste of product. Also, removable parts make it easy to clean.


Cold cut slicer Kolossal 370 VK BV Dual

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Features of a cold cut slicer

As it is written above, depending on the product you have to slice, you may search for a specific type of cold cut slicer. However, a professional cold cut slicer must have a series of characteristics that make it safe and reliable so that you can slice any product with great precision.

Cold cut slicers for ham
If you slice raw ham or whole ham, Manconi has developed a series of ham slicers that guarantee smooth and uniform results. First of all, to slice these products properly, you need a ham slicer that is able to ensure a reliable grip, with a loading height and a wider plate.

Thus, this kind of cold cut slicer features:

  • a strong grip through the adoption of a state-of-the-art mechanism for product locking
  • quality materials like stainless steel alloy that is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • wider plate with pins that help keep the ham into place while slicing
  • removable components that can be easily washed to guarantee the utmost hygiene
  • compact size which is provided by the vertical blade that reduces the space occupied by the cold cut slicer


Cold Cut Slicers for Deli

Restaurants, bars, food stores or supermarkets may want to choose a cold cut slicer that allow operators to easily and accurately cut cold cuts. Manconi’s cold cut slicers for deli guarantee great results avoiding muddling and waste of product.

Some features of these cold cut slicers include:

  • precise cut, with no muddling and waste of product
  • compact size, safety and silence that makes this cold cut slicers suitable also for small spaces
  • wider plate that facilitates the operator’s movements
  • removable and washable components that make these slicers easy to clean

Customizable Cold Cut Slicers

Manconi offers you the chance to customize your cold cut slicer with a series of details to mirror your brand’s personality. As a matter of fact, you can customize not only the structure, but also some plastic parts like the handles. Every parts will be painted according to the RAL Color Chart so that your cold cut slicer perfectly match the rest of the furniture.


Manconi cold cut slicers

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