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Do you need a professional deli slicer? Manconi can offer you many solutions made with the best technologies and materials, resistant, durable and impeccably cut. Discover our machines on this page.

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The main features of a good professional deli slicer

The main goals of a professional deli slicer must be:

  • Cutting precision
  • Minimal waste of product
  • Excellent hygienic conditions

In order to reach these goals, it is important to guarantee the following features:

  • Resistant and reliable materials, like stainless steel, in order to ensure the best in terms of hygienic safety;
  • Certified according to current regulations in terms of hygiene and safety;
  • Versatile, in order to satisfy all the customers’ needs, regardless the product to be cut;
  • Extremely precise, in order to cut uniform and regular slices;
  • Quiet and easy to use in order to be used also by unexpert operators;
  • Safe and easy to clean through the possibility to disassemble the components.

Manconi offers many solutions characterized by all these features. This is the main reason why we are considered one of the main commercial deli slicers producers.


Discover Manconi slicer lines

Manconi offers three lines of commercial deli meat slicers:

  • Kolossal: it is the top of the Manconi range and includes high performance and precision slicers. This line represents the combination of tradition and innovation;
  • Kolossal Dual: it includes some revisited models of the Kolossal line and includes fast and precise slicers with an attractive design thanks to more rounded shapes. This line also included some automatic models;
  • Smarty: this line is specially designed for those working in catering and industrial kitchens. Smarty models are compact in size and can be customized in design, while maintaining very high performance levels.


Some of our best models

Let’s discover now some of our best models:

Professional deli slicer250 IK is a commercial deli meat slicer of the Kolossal line. Thanks to its limited dimensions, it can also be positioned in small spaces. Thanks to the low loading height, it is possible to reduce strain on the operator. The ultra smooth, polished aluminum surfaces help reduce friction and simplify cleaning.


professional deli slicer manconi350 IK Dual this commercial slicer of the Kolossal Dual line is suitable for cut deli, cheese and cooked meat. The plate is tilted in order to facilitate the activity of the operator. Thanks to the rounded wash through shapes, precision cutting and cleaning simplicity are guaranteed. 


commercial deli meat slicer 250 IX is part of the Smarty line and is perfect for cut deli, cheese, vegetables and cooked food. It is quite compact so it can be positioned everywhere. Thanks to its reduced size, it is the right solution for a perfect cut. It is easy to use and facilitates the operator by guaranteeing high quality work and great results. Maintenance is simple and fast


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Choose Manconi for a great commercial deli slicer

Manconi is the best choice you can make as we will provide you with the best solution according to your needs.

Moreover, with Manconi you have the possibility to:

  • Customize your slicer through colorful details such as handles or plastic components;
  • Benefit from our technical assistance in case of problems with your slicer;
  • Receive your slicer wherever you are, in fact we ship worldwide!


Choose the best for your business, choose Manconi!

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