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A professional slicer is the right choice if you need to speed up the slicing process and accurately slice large quantities of food. In one word, it combines efficiency and quality, by reducing working time and permanently eliminating product waste. On this page you will find the most recommended professional slicers by Manconi, accurately manufactured either for the EU and the worldwide market, such as the North American one. So, wherever you work in the world, please be aware that we ship our professional slicers all over the world.

Professional slicer

On this page we will guide you through the types and characteristics of Manconi professional slicers by showing you:



Since 1950s at Manconi we have put the customers at the core of our activities. That is, if you need a professional slicer, but still cannot make up your mind on which model to choose, we are here to help. In producing our professional slicers we have put all the know-how experienced during the years, diversifying the models on the base of the various activities as well as on the products to be cut.


Professional slicers for any need

It would be quite impossible to list all the professional slicers available at Manconi, but to sum up we can say that we diversify the production by providing machines for the smallest as well as for the biggest stores, and for cutting many different kinds of product. An example? We produce slicers for fresh and frozen meat, deli, prosciutto crudo, fish, cheese, bread, and vegetables.

Find below some models we suggest the most.

A professional slicer to cut a variety of products

The Manconi 300 IX is one of the most versatile slicers we produce. If you need to slice a variety of products, such as meat, deli, fish, cheese, vegetables, bread, this is the appropriate model. It is compact in size so that you can put it on narrow surfaces as well.


Professional slicer Manconi 300 IX

Some features of this professional slicer include:

  • Belt transmission mechanism
  • Carriage with swinging sharpener pusher
  • Removable sharpener, blade cover and slice deflector for easy cleaning


Professional meat slicers

Butcheries are indeed among the food stores that use slicers the most. But supermarkets, food and deli stores are no less. In all these cases, a realiable and professional meat slicer, like the Manconi 350 VK TC Dual is certainly what you search for. As a matter of fact, this machine is particularly qualified to cut fresh meat, but it can slice deli with no problem either.


Professional slicer 350 VK TC Dual

350 VK TC Dual is characterized by:

  • A vertical blade necessary to properly cut meat
  • Wide plate and the significant meat press that are easily removable to best clean the machine
  • Low loading height to reduce the strain of the operator
  • Great and precise cutting capacity – 0 to 24 mm slice thickness


Another perfect slicer for cutting fresh meat is 250 VK VE. This model has small dimensions, but perfomances are great. The main advantage of this slicer is that it is able to realize very accurate slices, just like bigger ones, but at the same time it doesn't take up space.


Professional slicers 250 VK VE

This professional meat slicer is characterized by:

  • removable last-slice-device in trasparent material and sharpened lower side
  • low loading height to reduce strain of the operator
  • ultra smooth and polished aluminum surfaces
  • careful slip grooves to reduce friction and simplify cleaning


300 VK VE is a vertical professional slicer reccomended for deli, cheese and fresh meat. It is reliable, durable and created with quality materials and is part of the Kolossal line.


Professional slicer 300 VK VE


Here there are some more features of 300 VK VE:

  • sharpener, blade guard, product deflector and meat plate can be removed for a well done cleaning
  • slice thickness from 0 to 24 mm
  • it is CE certified


The professional meat slicer 370 VX TC is part of the Smarty line and is indicated for cutting also products of big dimensions.


Professional slicer 370 VX TC


370 VX TC is characterized by:

  • corrosion and scratch resistance materials 
  • easily removal of components for an accurate and fast cleaning
  • ability to keep a perfect control and reliability of cut for each slice


Slicing vegetables, cheese and bread

If what you look for is a slightly more versatile yet professional slicer, you may find what you need in our 370 IX slicer, that guarantees great slicing accuracy and hygiene with its:

  • Belt transmission mechanism
  • User friendly built-in sharpener
  • Low loading height to reduce the operator strain
  • 100Cr6 blade as standard

Professional slicer 370 IX


All our slicers


Three lines of slicers, many needs

As you may have noticed, all our slicers belong to three main lines we produce keeping in mind the different needs of food stores – from GDO to supermarkets, from HO.RE.CA to local stores. These lines are:

  • Kolossal
  • Kolossal Dual
  • Smarty


Let’s briefly focus on each of them.


Kolossal professional slicers

Kolossal Line is the top of the range among professional slicers, and it perfectly express the dualism tradition-innovation.

When quantities increase, product waste and working times multiply. Kolossal slicers are ideal for uninterrupted work, as they are specifically designed for use in different sectors or for specific food, reducing product waste and reducing working time.

Kolossal professional slicers are designed to be stable and durable, ideal for large shopping malls as well as for specialized butcheries.


Professional slicers Kolossal


Kolossal Dual professional slicers: high quality standard with a new design

Kolossal Dual Line is in a way a restyling of some professional meat slicers belonging to Kolossal line. It has the same high quality standard but a different design characterized by more charming and rounded shapes.

These machines are the most innovative and cutting-edge professional meat slicers on the market because they embody all the best features of the previous models.

The term DUAL means double, like the double choice of built-in or separate sharpener and the gear or belt transmission.

Professional slicers Kolossal Dual



Smarty Slicers: great technology in little space

Smarty professional slicers are designed for those working in the HORECA industry, where versatility and limited space are the keywords. In all branches of catering there is a need to work closely with the customer, and cut different types of food. Manconi Smarty professional slicers ensure quality cut and a high level of safety at affordable prices.

The materials used for this line of professional slicers are shock, corrosion and scratch resistant and they are able to grant the best hygienic safety.


Professional slicers Smarty


What’s the line of professional slicers that suits you the most?

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Features of a professional slicer

We focus on designing and producing high-quality and innovative professional slicers for different purposes. That means that each slicer has been designed in the tiniest details.

But what are the main features you should look for when choosing a professional slicer? Here’s a short guide on what you’d better look for in a slicer:

  • Blade tilt – The tilt of the blade is very important for a professional slicer as it can completely modify the type of cut. You can choose between vertical and gravity slicers: if the blade is tilted, the food will automatically slide through the blade due to gravity; if the blade is in a perfectly vertical position, the operator has to manually move the product.
  • Blade measurement – Be sure to choose the professional slicer with a blade size that corresponds to the type of product you want to slice. From 250 to 330 mm, the size of the blade is proportional to the size of the food to be sliced.
  • Separate sharpener – Having a separate sharpener is synonymous with cleanliness and versatility. However, if you need practicality and solidity having a built-in sharpener is the best solution.
  • Transmission – Belt-drive slicers are more versatile and economical; those with gear transmission offer a higher quality of performance, more suitable for long-lasting and heavy work. The low transmission noise is another feature to take into account when purchasing an electric slicer. Keep in mind that a professional slicer is quiet and efficient.


Professional slicer blade

Choose a Manconi professional slicer: you won’t regret it!

The high level of attention we put in everything we do has lead us to be one of the most appreciated producers of professional slicers in the world – by the way, are you from the USA or any other country on the other part of the ocean? No worries, we ship worlwide without any problem!


Well, as we were saying, our slicers are well-recognized and appreciated, and this is due to a series of benefits we guarantee when you choose any of our products:


  • First of all, safety – Slicing can be dangerous if not done with the right instruments. All Manconi professional slicers comply with safety parameters regulated by current European standards.
  • Hygiene – All slicers are manufactured with antioxidant and anti-corrosive materials to prevent parts deterioration and eliminate formation of molds and bacteria. Moreover, most of them have removable parts that make cleaning operations a child’s play.
  • Slicing accuracy – The mechanism we provide all slicers with guarantees the greatest slicing accuracy and considerably reduce the waste of product, which can turns into a big problem if you daily slice a great quantity of products.


Customize your professional slicer

If you need your slicer to match, for instance, the furniture or the general style of your store, restaurant or café, you can customize it and turn it into an element of wonderful decoration that increases the aesthetic appearance of the store.

On request we provide:

  • slicers with colorful details such as handles or plastic components
  • fully coated slicers

Customizable professional slicer

The paints we use are atoxic, safe and resistant to moisture as well as corrosion.


We ship worldwide

Have you found what you need but you live and work on the other side of the ocean? No problem. Wherever you come from, we are able to reach you, and safely ship your slicer. Through our distribution net we can ship worldwide, and make sure you will receive your parcel.


If you are looking for a reliable provider of professional slicers, we are glad to get to know you – once you've tasted the convenience of a professional slicer, it will be impossible to work without it!


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