350 VX BV AB

Smarty vertical slicer mod 350 suitable for raw ham and every kind of deli

350 VX BV AB

This machine is suitable for raw ham and every kind of delicatessen.

This vertical plate model has a special arm that allows a great and locked grip of the product to slice. Furthermore, the technical features of this special arm make it a reliable and long lasting tool with a removable last-slice device for an easier and deeper cleaning. We offer to deli-stores, grocery stores, food departments, industrial kitchens, food carts a slicer with huge performances in small places, excellent sliding and handling. The new materials are shock, corrosion and scratch resistant and they are able to guarantee the best hygienic safety. It is strong, efficient and skilled and it lasts for long keeping always its safety. Contact us for more information!

Standard equipment

  • Belt transmission
  • User friendly built-in sharpener
  • Great slicing accuracy
  • Low loading height to reduce the operator strain
  • 100Cr6 blade as standard
  • Carriage with sliding plate and aluminum pusher
  • Reduced foot counter space
  • Removable plate, sharpener, blade cover, slice deflector and meat press for easy cleaning
  • Perfect slip grooves for a more performing sliding of the product to slice
  • In compliance with European Norms: 2006/42/EC (machinery standards); 2006/95/EC (low voltage directive); 2004/108/EC (electromagnetic compatibility directive); 2011/65/UE (RoHS directive); 1935/2004/EC (food material directive) and their next updates. Follow also next harmonised standards: EN 1974:1988 + A1:2009 (slicing machines-safety and hygiene requirements); EN 60204-1 (safety of machinery); EN 55014 (electromagnetic compatibility); D.M. 21/03/73 (hygienic food tools requirements); 10/2011/UE (food grade plastic directive); and their next updates
Technical features - 350 VX BV AB
Overall dimensions777 x 646 x 563 mm
Installation area504 X 486 mm
Blade diameter350 mm
Blade speed250 rpm
Slice thickness0 to 16 mm
Carriage travel380 mm
Electrical protectionIPX3
Net weight46 kg
Electrical specifications230V / 380W a.c. monophase;
220-230V, 380-400V / 375W a.c. threephase
Cutting capacityØ 252 mm - 335 x 252 mm
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