Commercial meat slicers

Manconi meat slicer machines boast excellent grip on fresh meat, cutting precision and ease of use. Manconi introduces the line of commercial slicers designed to cut fresh meat, also in huge portions, with precision and efficiency.

Commercial meat slicers are the ideal tool for all the activities that need a slicer for any kind of fresh meat without bone, such as chicken breast, liver, rump, beef and similar products. The particular consistency and the big size of these products require a professional machine that is designed specifically for fresh meat, as its softness creates many difficulties in producing slices of the same thickness.




Manconi commercial meat slicers are reliable, accurate, strong, and guarantee high precision in slicing, avoiding any problem of wasted products thanks to specific precautions considered in their design and production. So, what are the features of the best meat slicers?

Best meat slicer: features and advantages

The best meat slicers should provide a series of features that increase their effectiveness, ease and precision in slicing any kind of fresh meat. Studying the mechanism and the working conditions for many years, Manconi came up with some key elements to add to its meat slicer machines:

  • Significant meat press: the press must keep a strong and firm hold even on the biggest pieces of meat, preventing any swinging of the product. The best commercial meat slicers are equipped with an accurate press mechanism that resists the mechanical stress of the product to slice.
  • Large table-top: Manconi’s commercial meat slicers are equipped with a large table-top to house big sized pieces of meat without any problem.
  • Excellent smoothness of the plate: the plate itself is finished to guarantee exceptional smoothness in sliding, making the process easier, faster and less tiresome, even with great quantities of meat to slice.
  • Removable components: the best meat slicers are designed to be broken up into smaller components in order to ease and make more accurate the cleaning procedure. Thorough cleaning guarantees better slicing operations and a longer life to the machine.
  • Separate sharpener: some of Manconi’s meat slicer machines are provided with a separate sharpener that makes the cleaning procedure around the blade much easier. The blade is the most important part to be cleaned and cared after in a professional slicer.

How to choose your commercial meat slicer

Now that we have seen the key features to consider when choosing a commercial meat slicer, it is time to give some advice to find out the right machine for your specific needs. Not all the slicers are the same: here are the main differences you have to consider before choosing one product:

  • Vertical vs gravity: commercial meat slicers are available both in the vertical and in the gravity models. The difference lays in the grade of the blade, which is perpendicular to the plate in the vertical models and slightly inclined in the gravity ones. Gravity models are easier to use as the meat automatically slide towards the blade, but they take more space than vertical machines. In the picture below you can see a gravity meat slicer on the left and a vertical one on the right.




  • Gear driven vs belt transmission: another difference to take into account is the distinction between different mechanisms. Gear driven slicers are the best meat slicers available as the transmission mechanism gives the best results as far as precision and constancy are concerned. Belt driven slicers, on the other hand, give more standard results, but are less expensive than gear ones.
  • Smarty vs Kolossal: Smarty and Kolossal are the two main ranges in which Manconi’s commercial meat slicers divide. The Kolossal and Kolossal Dual lines include the top-of-the-line machines, with professional slicers that give the best results in any situation. The Smarty line includes all the slicers designed for the Ho.Re.Ca and small retail sector, with compact and reliable meat slicer machines that are also customizable in colors.


All commercial meat slicers by Manconi are produced in compliance with current European regulations as far as safety and hygiene are concerned. They are created with special stainless steel alloys that guarantee rust and corrosion resistance and are safe and reliable in any situation.


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