Commercial slicer for bar: how to choose the right one?

A slicer for bar is a useful and versatile tool that, sooner or later, a bar owner chooses to buy. In that case, the problem is often to be oriented in the right choice among the many different models, and find the best in order to avoid wasting money in a wrong investment.



On this page, we will help you understand which are the qualities to consider when looking for a commercial slicer for bar among all the models available on the market.


A bar usually employs a commercial slicer for many different uses: slice of deli for dishes and sandwiches, slicing of bread, vegetables, sometimes even fruit. In few cases, it is possible that a bar has to slice also meat of different kinds. To slice all these products, we obviously do not suggest to buy a specific slicer for every kind of product: fortunately, on the market are available extremely versatile slicers that, despite the great variety of food they can deal with, can be machines with high-quality standards. Quality is, indeed, a very important element to consider, in order to avoid that the slicer could break or cripple, before the investment to buy it is repaid.


As we mentioned before, when buying a commercial slicer for bar it is important to choose a product that could last for years. To this purpose, consider only the machines realized with the best materials and equipped with a state-of-the-art mechanism that not jams after having been used only few times: we suggest to choose a gear driven slicer, capable of guaranteeing the highest cutting precision even on hard products.


The best slicers for bar should meet the hygienic standards required by the current regulations. To this purpose, the focus shifts back on the quality of the materials, that should be advanced enough to prevent rust and corrosion, the main enemies of hygiene during the slicing process. In addition, we suggest you to choose a slicer that could be disassembled: splitting with ease all the single components, in fact, lets you wash them more deeply and carefully, in order to have always a clean and tidy machine at your disposal.


When choosing among commercial slicers for bar, assessing the reliability of the producer represents the best warranty to buy a model that meets all the requirements we have listed on this page. Distrust low-cost models and the slicers sold by non-reliable producers: the professionalism of your bar is more important than a little saving of money and the quality, the hygiene, and the endurance of a slicer are achieved only with a good commercial slicer.


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