250 VX VE

Slicer Smarty 250 VX VE suitable for meat, deli, vegetables and cheese

250 VX VE
Product certifications:

Small in price and big in performance. Its compact size and perfectly slowing carriage allow an accurate cut of meat, pork, vegetables, and cheese from small sizes. It is efficient and safe and is built to last over time, ensuring excellent performance. Maintenance is simple and fast. Contact us for more information!

Standard equipment

  • Belt trasmission
  • Easy to use built-in sharpener
  • Great slicing accuracy
  • Low loading height to reduce the operator strain
  • Carriage with swinging sharpener pusher
  • Reduced foot counter space
  • Sharpener, blade cover and slice deflector, fully removable for an easy cleaning operation
  • In compliance with European Directives 2006/42/CE (Machinery directive); 1935/2004/CE (Food material directive); 10/2011 UE (Food grade plastic directive; 2006/95/CE (Low voltage directive); 2011/65/UE (RoHS Directive); and european standards EN 1974:1998 (Slicers-Hygiene and safety requiremets); EN60204-1 (Safety of machinery); EN 55014 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and next updates.
  • Perfect slip grooves for a more performing sliding movement
  • Tilting away carriage
  • Also available with black plastic parts
  • Compliant with current European Directives and Regulations
  • FCMs (Food Contact Materials) certified product
Smarty Optionals
Teflon coated blade
Teflon coated blade
Profiled blade
Profiled blade
Removable transparent meat press
Removable transparent meat press
Technical features - 250 VX VE
Overall dimensions530 x 508 x 450 mm
Installation area443 x 342 mm
Blade diameter250 mm
Blade speed286 g/min
Slice thickness0 to 16 mm
Carriage travel245 mm
Electrical protectionIPX3
Net weight20 kg
Electrical specifications230-230V 50 Hz/210W a.c. monophase;
220-230V, 380-400V / 270W a.c. threephase;
120 V 60 Hz/210W a.c. monophase
Cutting capacityØ 180 mm – 215 x 165 mm
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