Large meat slicer

What types of products do you need to slice, and what are the available counter dimensions? These are two questions you might ask yourself when considering whether to purchase a large meat slicer or not. These factors indeed determine the blade diameter and, consequently, the final result. Discover on this page some models of large Manconi slicers.

large meat slicer

It's crucial that the slicer reflects the products you need to slice in both size and blade diameter: only in this way will you achieve impeccable slices. For instance, if you need to cut large pieces of deli meats, meats, or cheeses, the choice must fall on a large professional meat slicer.

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What are the Manconi models of large professional meat slicer?

There’s a vast array of types, from the models with a 12.99-inch blade of the Kolossal range to those with 13.78 and 14.57-inch blades in the Smarty and Kolossal Dual lines. The latter also includes some large professional slicers defined ad Big, the best choice if you want to slice relevant product sizes. The term “Big” refers to the width of the plate which guarantees high loading capacity, determining the press meat proportion. 

Here you can find some of the large meat slicers we would like to recommend.

370 VK TC Dual Big

The ample base of this slicer makes it perfect for cutting even very thin slices of large fresh meat with precision and with no product waste. Like other professional slicers, large and small, from the Dual line, this model also offers a choice between belt or gear transmission.

  • Support surface: 21.46 x 20.08 inches
  • Workspace dimensions: 36.06 x 28.74 x 22.40 inches
  • Blade diameter: 14.57 inches
  • Also available with a 13.78-inch blade

large meat slicer 370 VK TC Dual Big


370 VK BV Dual Big

This large professional meat slicer is used for cutting deli meats, specifically raw ham. Every detail has been designed to ensure perfect slicing, avoid product waste, and facilitate cleaning - like all Manconi Kolossal Dual machines, it can be easily cleaned with a water jet.

  • Support surface: 21.46 x 20.08 inches
  • Workspace dimensions: 35.24 x 27.01 x 22.40 inches
  • Blade diameter: 14.57 inches
  • Also available with a 13.78-inch blade

large meat slicer 370 VK BV Dual Big

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370 VX BV Smarty

Though it's a large meat slicer designed for slicing raw ham and substantial cuts of deli meats, the 370 VX BV requires minimal counter space. It's part of the Manconi's Smarty line, which includes a range of professional tools for those in the catering business - bars, catering services, restaurants, company canteens - who require high slicing accuracy while having limited workspace.

  • Support surface: 19.88 x 19.17 inches
  • Workspace dimensions: 32.01 x 25.43 x 22.60 inches
  • Blade diameter: 14.57 inches

large meat slicer 370 VX BV Smarty

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330 IK Kolossal

The 330 IK model stands out for its versatility: despite its large size, this slicer is suitable for cutting products of any kind and size, such as meat, cold cuts, bread, cheese, and vegetables. The reduced loading height also lessens the operator's strain and allows for precise cutting. It can be equipped in 3 different modes: with a tilting, transparent, and removable product press; with a plate with a tilting, aluminum, and removable product press; or with a plate with a self-locking arm, transparent and removable product press, and sliding plate.

  • Support surface: 21.89 x 17.52 inches
  • Workspace dimensions: 29.88 x 23.31 x 30.87 inches
  • Blade diameter: 12.99 inches
  • Also available in smaller versions with 9.84 and 11.81 inches blades

large meat slicer 330 IK Kolossal

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Some guidelines for choosing a professional slicer

Reviewing various models and assessing different elements is always advisable when you're about to purchase a professional slicer, such as:

  • The blade diameter - it gives you important information about the size of the food you can slice. If you need to cut sizable products, you require a large professional meat slicer that preferably has a blade diameter between 12.99 and 14.57 inches.
  • The slice thickness - the knob on the side of the machine adjusts the distance between the blade and the vane (the wavy part where the product slides before meeting the blade): the gap that forms determines the product's thickness.
  • The products to be sliced - the foods you cut directly affect the blade size: for instance, specific products like raw ham require appropriate professional slicers, even large ones.
  • The support surface - the larger the slicer, the more counter space it occupies. However, in some cases, like restaurant or bar industrial kitchens, which might have limited space: in this scenario, we recommend a Smarty professional slicer that, although suitable for slicing large products, has a compact frame and takes up little space.
  • Ease of cleaning - the majority of Manconi’s slicers come with removable parts, allowing thorough sanitization of the tool after use safely. The removable sharpener, for example, ensures the operator can easily clean the slicer without the risk of cutting themselves.

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