Slicers for supermarkets

The commercial slicers for supermarkets, hypermarkets and food chains are designed to meet the needs of large quantities of product to slice, speed up the everyday work, reduce waste of product with minimal efforts for the operator in the use of this equipment.

Manconi presents the commercial slicers for retail: supermarkets, hypermarkets and food chains. 

When the need is a professional tool with precision, reliability and ability to meet the needs of high amounts of product to slice, a Manconi supermarket meat slicer is the right answer. All the electric slicers for retail are made to ensure a continuous work – they are able to ensure an incredible performance and accuracy even up to 10 hours per day and  7 days by 7– they have the best grip, minimum waste of product and saving of time. They are also easy to use thanks to the excellent smoothness of the plate.

  • Manconi electric meat slicers for supermarkets, hypermarkets and food chains are also available in the automatic version. Commercial automatic slicers can cut the product by themselves.
  • The possibility to wash the supermarket meat slicer with water jet and to remove and wash every single part separately allows a deep and easy cleaning.
  • Manconi commercial slicers for retail do not keep any solid or liquid waste and as matter of fact are deeply hygienic thanks to their design and the alloy used in their construction.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the current European standards, the electric slicers for supermarkets, hypermarkets and food chains are safe and reliable.


Customization possibilities

All the models are customizable also through aesthetic options such as colors of the machine and its knobs, but also other options can be chosen to fulfill specific technical needs. For example, you can ask the supermarket meat slicer to be equipped with options like:

  • an auto shut-off system to save energy
  • an extractor that allows to pull out the blade in total safety and then to clean more deeply the slicer
  • built-in scale for an immediate weighing of the sliced product
  • lifting lever which literally reverses the machine without any effort for a complete cleaning of the working table
  • special treatments for specific kinds of food, for example, surface treatment to avoid, in case of fish slicing, the salted liquids corrode the surface of the machine or treatments that help some foods in sliding on the surfaces, like the cheese, when they are slice


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