Models and benefits of a stainless meat slicer

A stainless meat slicer must guarantee hygiene and resistance to stain and corrosion as well as safety and constant cut over time.

The main advantage of choosing a stainless meat slicer lies in the material it is made of: stainless steel is a kind of steel which has the unique property to resist stains and corrosion.

As a matter of fact, it is a material resistant to either heat or chemical corrosion and abrasion. This means that a stainless meat slicer is highly hygienic and can be used in different fields, including supermarket chains, Ho.Re.Ca., butcheries and small food stores.

All Manconi’s meat slicers are painted with a corrosion and moist-resistant glossy coating that on the one hand enhances all the qualities of the machine and on the other hand creates a beautiful furnishing piece.

Types of Manconi’s stainless meat slicers

Through its more than 60-year-long experience in the field, Manconi has been able to specialize in the production of stainless meat slicers so to deliver outstanding quality.

Two main kinds of stainless meat slicer are available:

  • meat slicer for fresh meat
  • meat slicer for cooked or precooked meat


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Stainless meat slicer for fresh meat

Purposely designed for cutting fresh meat without bones such as chicken breast, liver and rump roast, this type of stainless meat slicer offers the utmost precision through the use of a specific support for soft meat and ensures perfect slices. To obtain these results, a slicer for fresh meat features a vertical blade and a wide plate and meat presser.

Some characteristics of a stainless meat slicer for fresh meat include:

  • significant meat press to assure a firm grip even on the biggest pieces of meat
  • large table-top to easily house big sized pieces of meat
  • excellent smoothness of the plate
  • separate sharpener to make the cleaning easier also around the blade
  • removable components to facilitate all cleaning operations

Discover the suggested models of stainless meat slicers for fresh meat.

Stainless meat slicer for cooked and precooked meat

Made to slice cooked and precooked meat like roast and roast beef, this kind of stainless meat slicer considers the problem of salt, fats and liquids leaking from meat during slicing. This is why Manconi’s meat slicers are composed of easy-to-clean removable parts, which are also coated in an anti-corrosion, rust-proof material.

Here are some features of a professional stainless slicer for cooked meat:

  • high precision of the slicing mechanism to avoid meat waste
  • cutting speed to speed up slicing operations
  • compact size to make it suitable for butchers, grocers, supermarkets and small food stores that do not have large workspaces
  • smooth surfaces and good grip to ease the slicing process by the operator

Discover the suggested models of stainless meat slicers for cooked and precooked meat.

The advantages of choosing a Manconi stainless meat slicer

Being one of the leading manufacturers of stainless meat slicers since 1958, Manconi is able to offer some important guarantees:

  • hygiene and resistance to corrosion and chemical agents
  • powerful cutting mechanism to avoid any meat waste
  • high cutting speed and reduced work time
  • reduced loading height and firm grip on the meat
  • compact design and attention to detail
  • possibility to customize some components of the slicer to match it to the general furniture of the store
  • certification in compliance with the latest European regulations

On top of it, Manconi also provides technical assistance for the installation and maintenance of the slicers.


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