The best professional meat slicer according to Manconi

No professional meat slicer is the absolute best. In fact, a professional meat slicer must be chosen based on its intended use and the product to be sliced. However, a professional meat slicer must also be reliable and precise, and must be able to be used for many hours a day without suffering any malfunctions or causing any product waste.

The best professional meat slicer according to Manconi

Since every sector requires specific machines, it’s not possible to declare one as the absolute best professional meat slicer. However, we can examine how different models meet the various needs of grocery stores, supermarkets, delicatessens, hotels, bars and the food service industry.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any slicers capable of slicing fresh meats, cured meats, cheeses and vegetables with excellent precision and without generating product waste.

In this article, we will discover: 


The best professional meat slicer in terms of versatility for the food service industry

The compact and versatile 250 IX Smarty is an inclined meat slicer that provides excellent results for all types of products, guaranteeing perfect cuts and reduced operator fatigue.

Thanks to its versatility, it’s particularly well-suited to the food service industry, where a wide variety of small products need to be sliced every day. That’s why it can be considered as one of the best professional meat slicers from the versatility point of view.

Moreover, this pro slicer can guarantee great performances cutting cheese and vegetables too, without any product waste.


This machine features a built-in sharpener, a folding tray for quickly cleaning the machine after use, and various removable parts to facilitate thorough washing operations.


The best meat slicer for cheese

If you are looking for a professional, cost-effective inclined slicer to perfectly cut cheese, the Smarty model 350 IX is the ideal solution for you. This piece of machinery, thanks to its slip grooves, helps the operator during daily work in the deli setting. 

New materials and an appealing design are crucial to make this product stand out, ensuring high levels of safety, hygiene, and performance. 


A reduced loading height and a built-in sharpener are components that allow excellent slicing accuracy at all times, facilitating the operator in each and every operation. 

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The best professional meat slicer for cured prosciutto fiocco or boneless prosciutto

Certain types of cured meats, such as cured prosciutto, require specific professional meat slicers that are capable of holding large pieces of meat, for example a good pork slicer machine. The Kolossal model 300 VK BV, for example, is equipped with a product locking mechanism and a tilting and specially-shaped pusher, which adapts to the shape of the product to ensure a precise and uniform cut.


Particularly easy to be used, it doesn’t require much effort to the operator and it can also be disassembled to simplify cleaning operations: one of the best choices of professional meat slicers for specific uses.

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Another model of the Kolossal Dual Line which is ideal for slicing raw ham is the 370 VK BV model. It ensures the maximum safety to the operator thanks to an easy-to-use blocking mechanism that maintains the product firm on the carriage, with minimum waste. 


Safety is also guaranteed by wear and tear resistant materials, a solid structure, and excellent performance even in heavy-duty situations.


Cutting small-sized meats: the best professional meat slicers

The first model to mention is undoubtedly the 300 VK VE: specifically designed to cut fresh meat, it is a vertical slicer that can offer good cut also with ham and cheese, thanks to its sliding carriage.


The surfaces are realized in polished aluminum, reducing the friction during cuttings and being easy to clean.

Secondly, one of the other best models is the 350 VK TC Dual model, which is widely used by butchers’ shops and supermarkets for slicing fresh meats, is certainly among the best professional meat slicers available: in fact, the support device is even designed to cut extremely thin slices, without generating product waste.

Part of the Manconi Kolossal Dual Line, it can be requested with a built-in or separate sharpener, and with belt or gear transmission, depending on the requirements: one of the best professional meat slicers available for sure.

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Automatic or electric: the best professional meat slicers depending on the needs

When is it better to buy an automatic meat slicer rather than an electric one? This question can be answered considering your needs and cases of use.

If you run or work in a small shop, an electric meat slicer might be the best solution for you. Powered by belt or gear motors, they require an operator to move the piece holder upon which the product to be sliced is placed, while the electricity controls the blade’s rotation. The motor must naturally be powerful, and must allow for the machine’s continuous use without overheating.

On the contrary, large shops like supermarkets need slicers that can slice large quantities of product in the shortest possible time frames and for this reason an automatic meat slicer is the best option. In this case, the best professional meat slicer can be 330 IK, a slicer with high-precision cutting that can reduce the operator strain. Moreover, it can be used also in small spaces thanks to its compact dimensions.


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