Sharpening the slicer: how to do it properly and when

When using the slicer frequently, it is only normal that with time there is a need to sharpen the blade. However, to do this, you need to follow the procedure correctly and, above all, be careful to avoid damage or accidents. So, Manconi has come up with a short guide on how to sharpen your slicer.

Sharpening the slicer: how to do it properly and when

Sharpening the slicer blade is actually a very good upkeep technique to preserve the quality of the machine over time while ensuring precise cuts and reduced product waste.

When the quality of the cut decreases and product waste increases, it's time to sharpen the slicer. Lack of proper sharpening is also evident when the disc turns dull.

So, these are the signs to look out for if you want a slicer that is always at its best.

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How to correctly sharpen the slicer

Before you begin sharpening the blade, put on cut-resistant gloves to protect yourself from accidental cuts and abrasions.

Also, for best results wiping the blade with alcohol or other degreasing products and a soft cloth is helpful.

Let's take a look at how to sharpen the slicer blade correctly.

  • Disconnect the machine for the mains
  • Set the graduated knob to zero
  • Unscrew the sharpener locking knob
  • Lift the sharpener and rotate it 180°
  • Reposition it downwards with the blade between the two sharpener wheels
  • Screw back the knob to secure the sharpener
  • Reconnect the slicer to the mains and switch it on
  • Press the corresponding button on the slicing wheel for about 6-8 seconds and, if necessary, repeat the operation two or three times
  • Unscrew the sharpener knob to return it to its original position and screw it back on

Once the sharpening machine has been sharpened, complete the operation by removing the sharpener to clean the sharpener wheels with warm water, a degreasing product and a brush, making sure to thoroughly clean any dust residue from the blade.


Sharpening Manconi slicers with ease and safety

Manconi slicers are easy to clean and sharpen because almost all of them are equipped with a sharpener and removable parts that can be cleaned individually. So, sharpening a Manconi branded slicer is something that can be done effectively and requires little time.

Furthermore, these machines are precise, safe and made with top quality materials, guaranteeing very high hygiene and safety standards. All Manconi slicers are manufactured in compliance with the European directives on health, safety and electromagnetic compatibility.


Discover our dedicated products for sharpening the blade of your meat slicers

In addition to our built-in sharpeners, Manconi offers dedicated standalone products, in order to make your meat slicer blades as efficient as possible. These solutions are available for the vast majority of our selection and prove to be a game changer when it comes to keeping our machines up-to-date.

Choosing a separate sharpener can lead to many benefits related to your professional demands. As a matter of fact, having a dedicated accessory to hone your blades can lead to many practical advantages, which include:

  • Ease of mounting and dismounting: these dedicated sharpeners can be effortlessly attached or removed from our products, offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of use;
  • Optimization of the cleaning process: the detachable design simplifies the process of professional cleaning, ensuring maximum hygiene and saving valuable time;
  • Quality of sharpening: constructed with high-grade materials, these sharpeners are built to last and withstand the demands of a professional kitchen, improving the slicing capabilities of our solutions for years to come.

Are you wondering how to sharpen a meat slicer blade with a standalone accessory? 

Watch our dedicated video and discover the secrets of blade sharpening: your professional devices will be able to cut effortlessly, just like when you bought them.


Manconi slicers: discover the entire range

The Manconi product range includes three lines of slicers, designed with the experience and quality of a company that has been in business for more than 60 years.



It includes the new generation of semi-professional slicers designed for the food service industry. They are highly customizable slicers made with state-of-the-art materials to guarantee hygiene, safety and durability.



This is the top-of-the-range line from Manconi, offering professional slicers that are highly precise and easy to handle for long-lasting and safe use over time.



This line includes the restyling of some Kolossal line models, with a more modern design and rounded shapes. All Dual models are available in two versions: with built-in or separate sharpener and with belt or gear transmission.


Are you looking for a professional slicer that is accurate and easy to clean and maintain?

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