How to clean professional slicer machines and get perfect slices

From routine cleaning to maintenance, here are techniques and tips on how to clean your slicer machine to make it last longer and ensure excellent slicing of your raw materials over time.

How to clean a professional slicer and get perfect cuts

To achieve the expected slicing result and maintain the sensory qualities, it is vital to choose the appropriate slicer machine model for the product to be sliced.

It is also true that once you have bought your slicer machine, you have to take care of it and try to maintain it in the best possible way.


For example, cleaning the slicer machine itself, its blades and all its parts. Once you have finished slicing your cold meats, cheeses and any other foodstuff, it is essential to clean and maintain the machine. Let's take a look at how we do this.


Cleaning a slicer machine: the steps to follow

So what steps should be taken at the end of the day to continue to obtain perfect slices? Let's take a look:

  1. Unplug the mains power cable
  2. Remove all parts that can be rinsed or washed separately from the main body of the machine and clean them: these parts include, for example, the blade guard, the blade cover and the slicer plate)
  3. Remove food residues left on the slicer machine: to do this, it is advisable to use paper towels, which will not damage the machine in any way
  4. Wash the slicer machine body using a pH-neutral detergent and an anti-scratch sponge to protect the slicer machine from scratches
  5. Rinse the machine thoroughly and reassemble all its parts
  6. Check that the slicer machine is working properly


It is crucial to always check the blade edge conditions when servicing the slicer machine. It is always a good idea to check for rust. If there is rust, how do I remove it from the slicing blade?

The answer is quite simple: prepare a solution of water and baking soda so that it has a paste-like consistency similar to toothpaste. Then apply it to the blade and rub it in with a cloth, remembering to use gloves for protection.


Cleaning and maintenance of the slicer machine: some useful tips

When cleaning your professional slicer machine, always keep these useful tips in mind:

  • Always close the blade: it is very sharp and can be dangerous
  • Use a sprayer to evenly ionise the cleaning products
  • Do not use paper towels when the slicer machine is wet
  • Always use gloves during these operations to avoid possible cuts or injuries


Choosing the slicer machine: aspects to consider

To maximise the effects of cleaning and maintenance of slicer machines, there are a few things to consider when purchasing the machine.

In fact, it is essential to choose quality stainless steel slicer machine to prevent a rusty and oxidised slicer over time. Rust, among other things, promotes the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, thereby negatively affecting the level of hygiene. It also affects the quality of the slices and the proper functioning of the machine.

Secondly, it is a good idea to opt for a slicer machine with removable part, to facilitate maintenance and increase cleanliness and hygiene.

Manconi is one of the main meat slicer manufacturers and offers several lines of slicer machines with removable parts: discover the Kolossal, Kolossal Dual and Smarty slicer machines.

Finally, in order to maximise performance, it is useful to choose a slicer machine suitable for the type of product to be sliced. Professional slicer machines are optimised for cutting specific products, so a correct selection can help prevent wear and tear.

Ask the supplier of your slicer machine to recommend the best cleaning product.

Finally, we recommend that you carry out a thorough cleaning periodically. By doing so, you will prevent food residues hiding inside the various parts from becoming encrusted and compromising the result of your slices, if not the operation of the machine itself.

Are you looking for a professional slicer machine that is easy to maintain and quick to clean?

Choose Manconi: contact us for a quote.

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