Single-phase slicer: Manconi’s models

Are you looking for a quality and safe single-phase slicer to slice your produce to perfection? Take a look at Manconi models and find the one that's right for you.

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At Manconi's you can find several models of single-phase slicer characterized by excellent cutting precision and excellent quality of materials. 

In this article we will see:


Manconi's single-phase slicer lines

Manconi has made as many as three lines of efficient, precise and state-of-the-art single-phase slicers: Kolossal, Kolossal Dual and Smarty.

  • Kolossal: is Manconi'stop of the line and encapsulates both the tradition that has always characterized the company and the innovation that allows it to keep up with market needs. This line is perfectly capable of guaranteeing the minimum product waste and the highest quality in terms of operator safety as well;
  • Kolossal Dual: it is a reinterpretation of some models in the Kolossal line through a fresher, more modern design characterized by rounded shapes. The term "Dual" indicates a choice of built-in or separate sharpener and belt or gear transmission;
  • Smarty: this line is the latest big news from Manconi and consists of a series of durable, compact slicers with a very attractive design. In fact, these models are particularly suitable for public display and thus for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.


Some models recommended by Manconi

Let us now look at some recommended single-phase slicer models for each line:


Kolossal line

Regarding the Kolossal line, Manconi recommends:


single-phase inclined slicer 250 IKis a single-phase inclined slicer perfect for slicing cold cuts, cheeses and precooked meats. It is a flexible and space-saving machine and is perfect for slicing foods that are not large in size. It takes up very little space and can also be installed in confined areas.


 single-phase model Kolossal line 330 IK is another single-phase model in the Kolossal line that is very versatile, in fact it is ideal for slicing sausages of all kinds, cold cuts, vegetables, bread and cheese. This machine offers great cutting capacity and precision and has a greatly reduced loading height of the goods to minimize operator fatigue. Finally, it can be accessorized with different types of plates.


Kolossal Dual line

Here now are some recommended models from the Kolossal Dual line:


kolossal line 350 IK Dual: This is a single-phase slicer suitable for cutting cold cuts cheese and precooked meats. It has an inclined product holder plate to facilitate the operator's work and ensure greater cutting precision. Its rounded shapes facilitate cleaning operations, which can be safely carried out by water jet. 


single phase slicer kolossal line370 VK BV Dual is an ideal model for cutting cold cuts and ham. It guarantees high precision, and its compact dimensions make the best use of available space. The merchandise locking mechanism is simple and reliable, and each detail is designed to simplify the use of the slicer so as to minimize product waste. 


Smarty line

To conclude, here are some suggestions for the Smarty line:


250 VX VE is perfect for slicing meat, cold cuts, vegetables and cheese. This single-phase model with compact dimensions guarantees great performance, thanks in part to the smoothness of the carriage that improves cutting precision. Efficient and safe, this machine is durable and quality and requires quick and easy maintenance. 


370 IX thanks to this model, it is possible to slice a wide variety of products such as sausages, cold cuts, bread, cheese, vegetables, and precooked foods, even large-sized ones. The smooth sliding of the carriage allows easy cutting without product waste. The materials used are resistant to impact, abrasion and corrosion, ensuring maximum hygienic safety. 


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Why rely on Manconi

At Manconi's you can find not only all of our exclusive single-phase slicers, but also a range of additional options for even better cutting performance. 

But that's not all. Choosing Manconi slicers is advantageous because:

  • They are easy to use, so as to make the operator's work as easy as possible, and achieve flawless cuts effortlessly, quickly but above all without risk;
  • They are made with the best materials, resistant to shocks and abrasions but above all extremely safe from a hygienic point of view;
  • They require very little maintenance;
  • The design is modern and visually attractive, a factor that makes them perfect for any context and therefore extremely versatile.


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