How to slice roast beef with a slicer

How to slice roast beef with a slicer

Roast beef is a type of meat that requires a very specific slicing method. In order to truly appreciate its taste, it is crucial to slice it into very thin and consistent slices that can only be achieved by using the right tool. But how to slice roast beef with a slicer? Manconi is here to explain it to you.

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How to slice roast beef with a slicer

In the realm of cooking, roast beef is highly valued for its authentic taste that may be diminished if not handled correctly.

Hence, handling roast beef demands undivided attention. The key to achieving thin, regular, and tasty slices is not just about using the right slicer, but also mastering the correct technique.


Here you can find our tips on how to slice roast beef with a slicer

  • Before starting the slicing process, it is crucial to prepare roast beef properly. Make sure that the meat is refrigerated and firm. In this way, you guarantee a consistent slice without compromising the meat's texture. Before placing roast beef on the slicer, inspect it thoroughly for any tough areas or crusts that could make the slicing process more difficult.
  • One of the secrets to succeed in slicing is to adjust the slicer’s blade. Take into consideration the slices’ thickness you wish to achieve and regulate the blade accordingly. This step is fundamental if you want to obtain thin, uniform slices that will enhance roast beef’s taste and presentation.
  • After adjusting the blade, carefully place the meat. Make sure you have a firm and steady hold on the piece of meat. This allows you to have full control over the slicing process and will guarantee safety throughout the whole operation.
  • The final act is slicing. With the roast beef placed on the slicer’s guide, start cutting meat making slow movements. Maintaining consistent pressure on the meat and avoiding fast plunges is vital, as this could compromise the precision and evenness of the slices. A gentle and controlled cut will result in perfect slices, ideal for an exquisite roast beef presentation.

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Manconi slicer lines

For years, Manconi has been committed to the manufacture of professional and top-tier slicers, offering a range of tools that perfectly meet the demands of gastronomy professionals. As a matter of fact, our slicers ensure excellent cutting and they are suitable for a wide variety of foods, including roast beef.

These are our lines:

  • Kolossal line: this range embodies the perfect dualism between tradition and innovation while representing the top line by Manconi. High precision, easy to handle and durability stem from years of expertise in design and mechanics. This commitment results in the reduction of product waste during the cutting process and the highest safety standards for operators. The Kolossal line epitomizes craftsmanship and innovation, delivering impeccable performance and solidity. It is the perfect choice for those who seek groundbreaking and dependable tools to excel in their field of expertise. 
  • Kolossal Dual Line: this range redefines the excellence of the Kolossal line by displaying a modern design and captivating shapes. This restyling does not only enhance aesthetics but also provides versatility and high efficiency. The next generation of Kolossal slicers ensures reliable, customizable performance while revolutionizing professional cutting.
  • Smarty Line: last but not least, this Manconi line introduces the next generation of professional slicers, ideal for restaurants, pizza shops, and self-service. Crafted with shock and corrosion resistant materials, they ensure the utmost hygiene and duration. This innovation attests Manconi's commitment to quality and safety. Smarty slicers are also available in red or black, and they seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics. This is a step forward in professional slicing, all backed by Manconi's hallmark of excellence.

The best models for slicing roast beef

Let’s take a closer look at some of Manconi’s models, perfect for slicing roast beef with a slicer: 

330 IK SA: ideal for sausages, cold cuts, cheese, and cooked meats, this automatic slicer of the Kolossal line offers advanced and reliable performance. CE-marked, it excels in the gastronomy and retail sectors. It combines the efficiency of its manual version with cutting-edge technology. Customizable with different plates, it ensures intuitive, straightforward, and practical automatic functioning.

350 IK Dual: perfect for gastronomy and retail, this model offers top performance in slicing cold cuts, cheese, and cooked meats. CE-marked, this Kolossal Dual machine is the ideal choice for professionals seeking precision and ease of use. Its innovative tilted plate enhances ergonomics and cut accuracy, while its rounded shapes make cleaning simple - which can be done with a simple water jet.

370 IX: this last model is from the Smarty line. It is a gravity feed slicer, perfect for gastronomy and the HO.RE.CA sectors. CE-marked, it has been designed to cut sausages, cold cuts, bread, cheese, vegetables, and large cooked foods. Its carriage slides smoothly, reducing waste and making the job much easier, while its resistant materials ensure the utmost hygiene and safety. Modern design, outstanding performance, and compactness combines all in this one slicer.

These are just some of our roast beef slicers! Discover them all on our website!

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