How is ham sliced with the slicer?

To get a quality cut that does not damage the product and makes it presentable in an appropriate way, you need to know the procedures to follow carefully. The following section will show how to slice ham with a slicer, what precautions to follow and the specific slicers for this operation.

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How to slice ham with the slicer: preliminary operations

Ham is best sliced with a slicer into slices that are as thin as a veil, starting from the tip towards the shank and gradually removing the pork rind.

Nevertheless, before it is sliced with the slicer, it needs some precautions to obtain a high quality result.

Ham has three bones that have to be removed:

  • The knuckle - this is the first part to be removed, by cutting into the meat all over it and creating a sort of hollow under the bone
  • The haunch – use a knife in an inclined position, making small cuts
  • The femur - it should be removed by cutting the meat all along the bone and then gently detaching it

Moreover, it is important to remember that the fat on the meat must not be completely removed because it protects and preserves it, while guaranteeing the right balance of flavors. Ideally, you should stop cleaning when the fat starts to show a pinkish hue.

After the preliminary cleaning operations, the ham can be cut.

The following steps must be followed to slice it properly:

  • Adjust the thickness of the cut on according to the slices that you want to get: for best results, we recommend slicing the ham into very thin slices
  • Place the ham on the sliding board and lock it with the product press
  • Turn on the slicer and slide the product towards the blade, pushing the sliding board

Slicing ham with a professional and specific slicer

One of the main factors that help make perfect cuts is definitely the type of slicer you use. In fact, you should use a slicer specifically designed for slicing hams and cold cuts.

Manconi's product for slicing ham

Within its range, Manconi offers several quality slicers suitable for slicing ham.

  • 300 VK BV: vertical Kolossal line slicer that, thanks to a very reliable clamping mechanism makes it possible to get precise and defined cuts, without product waste.




  • 350 VK BV Dual: with a rounded and modern design, and also available with 37 cm blade, this Kolossal Dual line model is specific for slicing ham but can also slice other types of cold meat. It can be easily disassembled and assembled so it can be cleaned easily.




  • 300 VX BVC: among the Smarty line models, this vertical slicer features a compact structure, suitable for even the smallest spaces. The stainless steel product press plate glides smoothly for precise cuts every time.




  • 350 VX BVS: is a vertical slicer with a self-locking arm that can grip the product to be cut firmly. Made of state-of-the-art materials, it is particularly durable and resistant to corrosion, oxidation, abrasion and impact.



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The professional ham slicer is branded Manconi

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