Heavy-duty meat slicer: how to choose it

Are you looking for a heavy-duty meat slicer for your business? Here, you can find out how to choose the right model for you.

Heavy-duty meat slicer: how to choose it

Manconi manufactures several models of professional heavy-duty slicers for GDOs, butcheries, delicatessens and grocery stores. Entrust our advice on how to choose the perfect model and take a look at Manconi's best offerings.

A heavy-duty professional slicer must ensure consistent performance even in case of intensive work. Therefore, one of the core features of these machines, in addition to durability and resistance, resides in maneuverability on behalf of the user, providing flawless cuts in every situation.

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How to choose the best heavy-duty slicer

When it comes to professional heavy-duty slicers, we refer to machines that are particularly suited for cutting meat in a context of high production rates.

To make an informed decision, it is necessary to assess some key characteristics in order to ensure optimal results. 

  • Motor power: the heavy-duty slicer must have high power to ensure precise and fast cutting even on hard or very large products such as meat;
  • Blade: itmust be of high quality and large diameter to ensure an even and effortless cut;
  • Sturdy structure: it must have a robust and resistant structure that can withstand continuous work and any shocks or stresses; 
  • Safety: it must be equipped with safety devices, such as a sharpener locking system when the machine is not in use, to prevent injury and ensure safe use even under intensive working conditions;
  • Easy to clean: it is vital that the slicer is easy to clean and sanitize, such as having removable parts.

Manconi'sprofessional heavy-duty slicers are designed to meet the most diverse cutting needs, offering high performance, precision and making the operator's job easier. Furthermore, they allow you to make the most out of the sliced product, minimizing waste

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Our heavy-duty slicers lines

If you are looking for a professional slicer that guarantees a consistent high level of efficiency, Manconi has what you were searching for!

The Made In Italy tradition and technological innovation are in the DNA of our Kolossal line. With this range of professional machines, Manconi is looking at the future with optimism, bringing all the experience of a historical brand and providing to their customers: 

  • precise cuts
  • high maneuverability
  • excellent performance
  • strength and durability

Kolossal includes professional slicers designed to sustain fast production rates, with a focus on the operator safety and reducing product waste

Would you like to combine the features of Kolossal models with an appealing, sinuous and modern design? Then the Kolossal Dual line is perfect for you!

The best heavy-duty slicer models by Manconi

Let’s discover some of the best models of the Kolossal and Kolossal Dual lines. 

250 IK

250 IK is a professional, versatile and compact slicer of the Kolossal line. Thanks to its inclination, it is perfect for highly precise deli, cheese, and cooked meat cuts. 

It is suitable for heavy-duty contexts thanks to its low loading height that reduces the strain of the operator. It can also be installed on narrow surfaces. 

250 VK VE

The Kolossal line presents the 250 VK VE model to cut meat, deli and cheese of limited dimensions. 

Top-quality materials, high safety and hygiene standards, maneuverability: these are the characteristics that make this the perfect machine for the Ho.Re.Ca sector.

The meat press is available in a smooth-base version and is removable. This allows you to clean your professional slicer thoroughly.

300 VK VE

The professional slicer 300 VK VE of the Kolossal line is perfect for those intensive work sectors. 

This solution is especially suitable for meat cuts. Its sliding plate makes it ideal to cut deli and cheese as well. 

Furthermore, this professional model is equipped with an advanced food fence system to make the cut more precise and safer. 

350 IK Dual

The model 350 IK Dual of the Kolossal Dual line by Manconi is ideal for cutting all sorts of deli and cheese, but it can also be used to cut cooked meat.

The plate is tilted in order to make the operator’s job easier, especially when the slicer’s use is intensive.

Moreover, professionals can rely on an advanced electronic weight monitoring unit

Last, but not least, its rounded shape and the chance to disassemble many components allows you to clean it thoroughly, turning this machine into an essential device for experts who work in the field.

Here you can find out how to maintain and clean the 350 IK Dual professional heavy-duty slicer


350 VK TC Dual

The vertical professional slicer 350 VK TC Dual is especially suitable for butchery and is perfect to cut fresh meat

Equipped with a wide plate and a significant meat press, these removable parts can be easily cleaned.

The stub is removable as well and it has been designed to cut very thin slices with precision, and without food waste. 

This professional slicer is perfect for heavy-duty contexts thanks to its resistance and usability. 

370 VK TC Dual

Another high-performance solution for butchery is the 370 VK TC Dual model. A compact machine suitable for heavy-duty thanks to its great cutting capacity.

Like all the Kolossal Dual line slicers, it is easy-to-clean and its removable components enable you to reduce waste.

Its rounded shapes and a lifting device ensure maximum maneuverability and the comfort of the operator who uses it for a long time. 

The quality of Manconi slicers 

By no means, looking for the right slicer is not simple. You have to consider not only the field in which you are going to work, but also what type of food you need to slice and the machine strength. 

Manconi is a brand that tells a story made of tradition, passion and innovation. By giving you advice on which is the most suitable slicer for you, we listen to your deepest needs in order to offer you a unique, high-performance product. 

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